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Down to the record shop

Today was much better on the weather front and in fact the day looked much like today’s image. It was sunny even if it felt brisk and it was a huge improvement on yesterday. I had been incredibly reluctant to get out of bed this morning simply because I was experiencing stiff muscles from having been snowed all over and half frozen the day before.

I still spent most of my morning drinking hot beverages however. I had had more than enough of the cold yesterday. Today I might have been paranoid about keeping it away. I drank way too much coffee on an empty stomach and had no breakfast. My eyes felt like they were out on stalks the whole morning and I had to resist the urge to laugh at things that made no sense at all.  I also managed to drop my tablet today. On the ground outside. I’m not having much luck with electronic equipment. I begin to wonder if I am a jinx when it comes to them. I can’t stand losing another thing.

My heart positively sank when it wouldn’t turn on. I suppose it might be a good thing it was still playing my music. However, the fact that the screen wasn’t coming on was a cause for concern. I have left it be hoping that by tonight it will feel much better. I hope desperately that the screen isn’t damaged. Please God, let something go right. I just managed to replace my computer I can’t keep going at the current rate of replacements. I’m yet to get to replacing my TV. It turned out to be more expensive than I thought it would be to get a TV.

The cheap replacement phone I got has been giving me some trouble in as much as it had one job. Yet, it won’t do it. No one seems to be getting through regardless of the fact that the phone is on, signal is high. It is currently keeping who ever it decides to from contacting me. I barely have friends as it is! horrible phone.

It’s probably with this in mind that today’s post is apt for today. It has music a camera recording and friends. It’s also featuring items from the Seasons story and more yum things from Collabor88. These events are balm for the soul and they make my evening fun.



Items from The Seasons Story

Lanyard: [KuddelMuddel] Schluesselband – Lanyard

Collar: [ bubble ] Sparkle Choker

Necklace: [ bubble ] Sparkle Necklace

Hat: [KuddelMuddel] Kappe Hat

Flower accessory: [Kyoko Couture] 1.KC No.74[Camellia](Red)resize**copy


Items from Collabor88

Pose: [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 51 (using 500 and 493.)

Buildings: [BUENO] Le Happy Building-Vintage 22 li each

Yellow top: [JustBECAUSE] Vickie Top – 11Yellow (HG,Maitreya Lara,Physique,Isis,Freya)

White top: [The Secret Store] – Karina Cropped Sweater (Freya,Lara,Flat,HG)

Windswept hair: [Exile] Talia

Glasses: [random.Matter] Kwan Glasses – Onyx

Chair: [Soy] Suede Arm Chair with blanket 5li


Items from Mainstore…

Tights: [C’est La Vie] Dion Tights (gradient applier tights)

Plant outside the store: [ionic] Clover little plant 2li (gacha item)

counter: [mimicoup] My Counter +Brown+ 3li

Poster inside store: [ionic] Messing me around [poster] 4li (from the Spirit Gacha)



Supporting Cast

Fashion items…

Brown Shorts: [toksik] Selva Shorts (Freya)

Grey Jeans: [Blueberry] Luxe Box September / Jeans

Short bob (hair): [barberyumyum] 69 (brown)

Skins: My skin is Karen from Pepe Skins and the other is from Mudskin (I do not know the name I’m so sorry) and we are both using Genus mesh heads. I am using the Belleza Freya and the other featured body is the Maitreya Lara.

Racks on the wall: [BALACLAVA] Magazine Rack 1li each

Records: [tres blah] Salad Days – Record Storage (Blush)

Graffitied wall: [BTTB] london backdrop – 154 brick lane 29li

Plant inside the store: {vespertine}- aglaonema plant. 4li

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