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Down for Brunch

Down for brunch...

It’s time for brunch and there’s a virtual spread to be had. Cubbie isn’t too sure about the new fellows that seem to have joined the household. Hiding away seems to be the most comfortable thing to do. At least for the time being. I think the food will soon lure everyone out. Barriers will fall, food will be had and it will be happy tummies all round.

The bunnies on the other hand are making themselves quite comfortable. Rather than waiting around to be fed they are taking matters entirely into their own paws. Hopefully they don’t get hurt.




♡ – Satomi is wearing: [On-line] Yuri Look Gacha – Pink (maitreya) @Flora Event

♡ – Parfait is wearing: [On-line] Bini Look C (maitreya) @Equal10

♡ – Necklace: [LaGyo] Addison Necklace @Collabor88


Decor and Furniture…

The following are from the Hungry? gacha set available at @Equal10

♡ – Table and chairs: [ionic] Dinner for two RARE 6LI

♡ – Bread and cheese: [ionic]  Homemade bread and goat cheese 3LI

♡ – Vegetable skewers platter: [ionic]  Grilled veggies 3li

♡ – Avocado toast and tomatoes: [ionic]  Avocado breakfast 4li

♡ – Pizza, rings, burger drink: [ionic]  Junk food 5li

♡ – Plate of flan: [ionic]  Flan de queso 2li

♡ – Dishes and cups on stool: [ionic]  White tableware 4li

♡ – Rice and pots on counter: [ionic]  Cooking Rice 4li


The following are from the El albergue gacha set @Mainstore

♡ – Build: * [ionic] * El Albergue 227Li

♡ – Counter: * [ionic] * Rural Hostel Counter 3li

♡ – Bell and leaflet: * [ionic] * Rural Hostel info 2li

♡ – Bread bun and black pot: * [ionic] * Dinner is ready! 3li

♡ – Kitchen sink counter: * [ionic] * Rural Kitchen 4li

♡ – Backpack: * [ionic] * Traveller’s backpack {brown} 7li


Extra items by Ionic…@Mainstore

♡ – Dishes by sink: [ionic] – where are my dishes? 5li

♡ – Fridge: [ionic] Color Fridge & Magnets 4li


Extra items by Fancy Decor…@Mainstore

♡ – Stool by counter: [Fancy Decor] Flora Step Stool 1li


Adorable creatures by MishMish…@Mainstore and Kustom9

♡ – Bunnies: [MishMish] – Bunny Plushie @Kustom9

♡ – Bear: [MishMish] – Teddy Bear @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


The Poses…

The poses are made possible by some very creative angling of poses made by one of my favourate pose creators.

♡ –Satomi (sitting): [Serendipity] Hannah 3

♡ –Parfait (Bear) (about to sit): [Serendipity] Anxiety 3


Supporting Cast

♡ – Hair (parfait): [Tram] tram H0210 hair

♡ – Curtains: [Ariskea] Doucy Lace curtain 2 4li each

♡ – Stool under the table: taikou / wooden bath stool 1li

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