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Down at the Manga Cafe

Down at the Manga Cafe

Do you know, I enjoy doing large scenes. It ends up taking up all my time and I enjoy every minute of it. Then when I’ve finally sat back and thought…ok, we’re going with this…I then realise it’s going to take me hours to credit everything. This is one of those again. I love love love big busy scenes. They are the best things ever. I was meant to have this up yesterday, however it took me way longer than I thought it would in my arrogance, to set up and credit everything in a way that would be easy to navigate.

I’m actually working on another one because like I said, I like them, they take a while planning wise but I have the best fun. They do tend to translate into image and text heavy posts but I don’t think you mind such posts occassionally. How could I not share this with you? The main setting is from Kotte’s Manga Cafe gacha at the arcade and I love it, it’s so busy, so cozy when decorated. My inner bookwork is screeching. Screeching, I tell you. It is one of those things you can’t share alone so it’s another two person post. Initially it was just going to be Bear but it seems far too empty to do our whole antisocial thing. In reality curling up alone, surrounded by books in a soft sofa would be my idea of heavy. Aesthetically however it needed another person. Don’t tell Satomi, okay? I’m trusting you. Just like with most things though, it was way better with two. I actually wanted a third even because how amazing would that have been. I haven’t had three avatars in an image in so long. It will happen again, one day!

Hey, hey Bear – zoomed in

One of my favourate things about this set, besides the cute welcoming teddy is the book lights. It’s so genius. That’s something I’m going to just be putting in places without context because they are their own context. It will make the context because it is just that cool. The texture change and genres of mangas available are another favourate thing of mine. I love all the detail that went into each cover. It’s so good okay! I tried to get a few of them for you to see, there are a few more to explore but what would be the point of spoiling it all for you. You have to go find them yourself. Still, below are some of them. See if you can recognise the people on it. I loved that part of it but I’m not gonna spoil that either.

some of the titles and manga covers – inworld unedited shot

The outfits for today are also lovable. It’s full of cute adorable casualness. My avatar is wearing a really cute dress and cardigan combo from Cheezu which is available at Anthem and I love the floral girlishness of it all. It’s simple and beautiful. The outfit Satomi is in is by Parfait and from the arcade its a cute gacha set called Yakitama. The hairclips are so darling but I love the commons as well. The simplistic yet utterly cute style of a t-shirt combined with pleated skirt, where the top is white and the skirt does all the talking is everything. Oh, oh and the hat my avatar has on, I’m obsessed with it! Have you been to Sakura Matsuri? because if not, you really should. Thats where the hat comes from. It’s from Uzu x Dalonga’s gacha set at the event. I adore this hat. Good thing I won two of them isn’t it?!

Because I don’t want to keep you too long and speaking about every cool item in today’s post will keep you a while, I’m just going to try and wrap up and leave you to the credits because it is a list and a half. Just before I do howevver, I have an extra image for you of the outside. I liked this shot so much because it was sweet. Bear is so akward that even holding hands with a crush, even just for photographic purposes, would be something she would struggle with. She’s such a shy little bean.

Too shy – Outdoor shot of Manga Cafe building


Worn items starting with Bear and ending with Satomi…

Hat: [Uzu x Dalgona] Berry Blossom gacha – HAT (yello check)* {@Sakura Matsuri}
Hair: [VCO] Taco hair . Risizer [ Tree ]* {@The Arcade}
Outfit: [Cheezu] blossom dress (Legacy, Maitreya, M.Petite, M.Perky) {@Anthem}

Hair clip: [Parfait] Yakitama Hairclip 15 {@The Arcade}
Outfit: [Parfait] Yakitama outfit Red (Legacy, Maitreya) {@The Arcade}
Candy treat (held): [Kreamy] blooming spring gacha : 8* {@Sakura Matsuri}

Indoor items working from the window, to round the back of the scene…

Blinds: [Kotte] manga cafe – blinds 1li {@The Arcade}
Menu board: [Kotte] manga cafe – menu board 1li {@The Arcade}
Poster 1 (dark): [Kotte] manga cafe – movie poster 1li {@The Arcade}
Poster 2 (light): [Kotte] manga cafe – blackpinc signed poster 1li {@The Arcade}
Telephone: [Dahlia] Holly – Rotary Phone – Blue 17 {@The Arcade}

Counter: [Kotte] manga cafe – counter 1li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 1: [Kotte] manga cafe – kids bookshelf 7li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 2: [Kotte] manga cafe – romance bookshelf 7li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 3: [Kotte] manga cafe – adventure bookshelf 7li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 4: [Kotte] manga cafe – shoujo bookshelf 7li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 5: [Kotte] manga cafe – thriller bookshelf 7li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 6: [Kotte] manga cafe – fantasy bookshelf 7li {@The Arcade}
Bookshelf 7: [Kotte] manga cafe – drama bookshelf 7li (peeking in the shot there)…more bookshelves to find in the gacha. {@The Arcade}

Green couch: [Kotte] manga cafe – sofa – green / blue 3li {@The Arcade}
Pink Sofa: [Kotte] manga cafe – double sofa – red / pink 6li {@The Arcade}
Table of books: [Cinoe] 3. Looking at you – Book table (Reading) {@The Arcade}
Blue Sofa: [Kotte] manga cafe – double sofa – green / blue 6li {@The Arcade}
Welcoming teddy: [Kotte] manga cafe – bear mascot (rez) (touch change texture) 4li {@The Arcade}

Heart shaped pillow: [Lagom] Kawaii Pillows [ Heart ] 2li {@Mainstore}
Kitty shaped pillow: [Lagom] Kawaii Pillows [ Cat ] 2li {@Mainstore}
Star shaped pillow: [Lagom] Kawaii Pillows [ Star ] 2li {@Mainstore}
Book trolley: [Kotte] manga cafe – book trolley 7li {@The Arcade}
Spinning book shelf: [Cinoe] 1. Looking at you – Book turntable RARE 3li {@The Arcade}

inworld unedited shot of table items – inworld shadows and windlights used

Indoor items in the center of the image around the table…

Blue, pink and green Rug: [Kotte] manga cafe – rug (touch to change texture) 1li {@The Arcade}
Center table: [Kotte] manga cafe – table 1li {@The Arcade}
Stack of books: [Cinoe] 16. Looking at you – Stacked books 1li {@The Arcade}
Scattered books: [Cinoe] 15. Looking at you – Scattered books 1li {@The Arcade}

Pile of manga: [Kotte] manga cafe – pile of manga (rez) (touch change texture) 1li {@The Arcade}
Snacks: [Kotte] manga cafe – snacks 1li {@The Arcade}
Can: [Kotte] manga cafe – herbal drink 1li {@The Arcade}
Brown carton: [Kotte] manga cafe – maltsoy li {@The Arcade}
Yellow carton: [Kotte] manga cafe – lemon tea 1li {@The Arcade}
White Carton:[Kotte] manga cafe – milksoy 1li (decor – positioned for picture purposes) {@The Arcade}
Coffee and tart: [Cinoe] {@The Arcade}
Hanging lights: [Kotte] manga cafe – hanging lights 9li {@The Arcade}

Outdoor items…

Manga cafe building: [Kotte] manga cafe – building 26li {@The Arcade}
Sign on roof: [Kotte] manga cafe – neon sign 3li {@The Arcade}
♡ Grass: [ keke ] fairy grass . summer . swaying 1li per patch {@Mainstore}
♡ Icebox: [Ionic] Ice vending Machine 2li {@Mainstore}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless otherwise denoted by a ‘*’ wherein which the item was purchased but the event is being featured. Mesh body used (Bear) Genus Baby and Legacy perky (Satomi) Genus Classic and Maitreya.

Poses used for outdoor shot is by Lyrium and is called Me and Her. It’s such an adorable pose.

Supporting Cast

♡ Vending machine: [Taikou] vending machine (gum) 1li
Second building: [Minimal] Bionic Building Black *2b* 49li
Small corner building: [Minimal] Bionic Building *4* 11li
Path: [Apple Fall] Whitehall Pathway 1li per piece
Fence (low fence): [Apple Fall] Park Fence 5li per piece
Wall: [Apple Fall] Farrow Garden Wall 4li per wall
Satomi’s Hair: [Amitomo] Girlfriend gacha – hair Rare

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