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Today I’m rocking a lovely day long headache which is really annoying. I think I might have to give into some tablets. I hate tablets. I know, I know…I’m a big baby but they are so much more trouble than they are worth. I can’t be the only one that sucks at swallowing tablets. I have to sit there and break them up into smaller sections because I’m paranoid they will just get stuck in my throat.

This is why I’m a little late with the timing of today’s post. I wanted it to be a little earlier than this. Better late than never right?! I’ve slept most the day away all ready. I think I was catching up from a week of patchy sleep and stress. So today’s image now that it is here (taken yesterday) is featuring Miwas. These cute little heart face accessories and the hair are available at Equal10.

The outfit is from a gacha that you will find in the mainstore. Of course I chose the pink version because….why? pft. Do you have to ask? It might be tired by now the amount of times I’ve mentioned it but I see that there are some new people that don’t know.

What don’t they know? That I LOVE pink! of course. Here, lets take you to the credits.



Hair: [Miwas] Hair – #Idol {@Equal10}

Heart face accessory: [Miwas] Tokki. x Miwas / IDOL HeartPearl {@Equal10}

Top: [Miwas] School Love Good top #B RARE (maitreya) {@Equal10}

Skirt: [Miwas] School Love Pleated skirt #Pink (maitreya) {@Mainstore}

Necklace: 4.[RNK]LoveEggGacha_Necklace {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. The star blush applier is separate and something I bought but for the life of me I am unable to find it again in my inventory. So I can’t credit it at this moment.

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