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Dinner is at 8

Dinner is at 8

Yesterday I set a scene up in one evening. It doesn’t sound like anything great but for me it is. I tend to pick pick and pick at things. Twist them this way and that and ‘hm’ and ‘ah’ over things through the course of at least two days. I like to sleep on things, come back and look at it all again. This time however I had one evening after dinner. I had spent the earlier time setting up an Alice in wonderland scene that completely bombed. That left me a little disheartened and so I decided to scrap the entire thing and take an early evening.

However, I was irritated enough that I didn’t particularly want to go to bed on what would have felt like an unaccomplished evening. So I stayed the extra 2 hours and spent time decorating and because it seemed so inviting I of course had to get my avatar in there on that comfy sofa.

As everyone knows, two is better than one. The more the merrier and all the other companionable sayings that indicate filling a scene with people is always going to be way more fun than not. Naturally, the raccoons crashed the party with their lovable selves and how could I shoo away such cuties.

There’s a lot of fun items to see in this image from a lot of wonderful stores. Shall we go through them together? I’m trying a new way of crediting today.

First today’s Official stores are Fancy Decor and Pure Poison at Collabor88. Collabor88 event featuring Half Deer, Pixicat, Nylon Outfitters, The Secret Store and Trompe Loeil. Kotte and Serendipity. Last but not least MishMish at Kustom9. Thank you all for kindly providing the items for blogging/review purposes.


Location image 1 - dinner is at 8.png





Location image 2 - dinner is at 8.png





The Poses

the poses used in today’s image are by Serendipity find them at the Mainstore

Pose in sofa: [Serendipity] Clementine 4

Pose on Chair: [Serendipity] Clementine 5


The Building

This building has been blogged previously however I focused only on the pool side. This time I moved upwards to the first balcony and this is where I have decorated next. I love it’s elevation. It’s something you need to see to understand.

Building: [Trompe Loeil] Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse PG 86li @Collabor88

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