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Hi everyone, it’s good to see you again today. As promised another pop up post featuring more decor, aren’t you lucky. It is also another Fashion and Decor post. Now you are wondering if this means I won’t say much today too the answer is yes…and no. It’s okay if it sounds contradictory. Today’s post is featuring items from Pure Poison, Cubic Cherry and Miwas in the fashion side of things and on the decor side we have Fancy Decor and Kraftwork. It was initially only going to be a Decor post but I had so much fun with the last combo why not do it again, right?

I can’t lie, having a whole cabin room for just a wine bar made me feel incredibly grown up. Can’t drink a lick of the stuff with any appreciation but I love how elegant the whole thing makes me feel. I guess to make up for that fact that I couldn’t really have any of it I added the strawberries with cream because where my eyes can appreciate the elegance of pretty drinks and glasses my mouth can definately appreciate the taste of strawberries and cream. Oh but this one time, I tried champange infused strawberries and they were the best! Can we do that? Let’s do that! Budge up, I’m suddenly on board with this wine thing. I feel like if I turned round there would be a pretty view of a large moon and mountains to go with these strawberries. At least that was the feel I was going for. What do you think, you’re the most important person in the room right now…

And now to slowly tempt you into looking down at…the credits! Have a great day <3



♡ Bra and Panties: [Pure Poison] Karina Bikini (Legacy, Maitreya, M.Petite, L.Perky) {@Fameshed X}
♡ Corset: [Cubic Cherry] Mitron Corset – Black (Legacy M, Maitreya, M.Petite, Freya, Jake, Legacy) {@Fameshed X}
♡ Fishnet: [Miwas] Waist Fishnet tights (BoM) {@Mainstore}


♡ Wine cooler (Bottles on shelves): [Kraftwork] Wine Cooler (with dispenser) 6Li {@Anthem}
♡ Wine Bar (with hanging glasses): [Kraftwork] Wine Bar 4Li {@Anthem}
♡ Chandelier: [Fancy Decor] Thomsen Chandelier 2Li {@Equal10}
♡ Table: [Fancy Decor] Thomsen Dining Table 1Li {@Equal10}
♡ Chairs: [Fancy Decor] Thomsen Dining Chair 2Li {@Equal10}
♡ Tray with bottles and flutes: [Fancy Decor] Thomsen Champagne Tray 3Li {@Equal10}
♡ Wine glass with red wine: [Kraftwork] Merlot Glass 1Li {@Anthem}
♡ Bottle of Red on table: [Kraftwork] Wine Bottle 1Li {@Anthem}
♡ Pale wine glass on table: [Kraftwork] Chardonnay Glass 1Li {@Anthem}
♡ Champange flute: [Fancy Decor] Thomsen Champagne 1Li {@Equal10}
♡ Strawberries: [ChicChica] Strawberry Dispenser {@Mainstore}
Plates: [ChicChica] Plates {@Mainstore}

*All the above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky, Mesh head is Lelutka Briannon EvoX.

Supporting Cast

♡ Pose: [Foxcity] Fixated 7
Books: [Dust Bunny] wiccan book stack 1Li
Mini cupboard on shelf: [Madras] 09 MADRAS Mini Cupboard Mono 2Li

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