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Cuddling up by the fire

I am beginning to think that when I am cold I make warm pictures, fireplaces, candles, snuggly places, things like that. Want to know how I can begin to suspect such a thing? because I happen to be feeling cold today too. Please enjoy today’s scenery and I hope it helps the warmth spread to your finger tips and your toes if you’re feeling cold too.


Build: [FOURTH WALL] Mountain Lodge Skybox (Outdoor Scene) 53li @Builders Box ‘Snowstorm’ – see product image below with link to it’s flickr image taken by it’s creator Will Corrigan.

Fourth Wall / Mountain Lodge Skybox / Builder's Box


Here is a list of other items used in this shot that also come from the current Builders Box just like the buildingAll these items are exclusive to the box and can only be acquired by purchasing the box.


Fireplace: [MADRAS] Aish Fireplace Decor Linked 6li

Pillow and Blankets: [MudHoney] Olwen Blankets – PG

Laptop: [MudHoney] Olwen Laptop 1li

Dvds: [MudHoney] Olwen Movies 1li

Bowl of Popcorn: [MudHoney] Olwen Popcorn 1li

Sofas: [ChiMia] :: Cosy Winter Sofa 3li

Rug: [Architect] ‘Winter Vibes’ Messy Carpet 2li

Hot drink & cookies (on table): [MudHoney] Olwen Drink Tray 3li


Trees and plants

Fir trees (potted): [Keke ] pine tree – M soft – glitter w pot (4li – larger if resized) @Fameshed

Fir and Pincone (potted): [Trompe Loeil] – Yasmine Noel Milk Can 6li @Collabor88

Lights Tree: [Soy] Tree Nut Lights [Low] 3li @Collabor88


More items available from Collabor88

Triangle ornaments on cabinet: [Trompe Loeil] – Yasmine Noel Modern Tree 5li each @C88

String lights by fireplace: [Soy] Fancy Flower String Lights [Multi-Vertical] 5li each @C88

Wooden Deer head: [Trompe Loeil] – Yasmine Noel Deer Head Matte 5li @C88

Knotted stool: [Trompe Loeil] – Yasmine Seating Poof Fabric PG 3li @C88

Cider drink glasses (on table): [random.Matter] – Orchard Set – Apple Cider [x2] 1li each @C88

Apple wire basket (on table): [random.Matter] – Orchard Set – Apple Basket [Red] 1li @C88


Items from The Chapter Four

Firewood piles: [Ionic] Joy -Firewood 6li @TCF

Trunk on shelf: [Ionic] Joy – Winter clothes trunk (B) 2li @TCF

Drinks trolley with balloons: [ionic] Joy – New years eve trolley 8li @TCF

Pine cone garland across fireplace: [ionic] Joy – Pinecone garland 6li @TCF

Tea & Pretzels on table: [Ionic] Joy – Christmas tea! 4li @TCF

Pancakes & milk: [Ionic] ionic Joy – December calendar 5li @TCF

Chocolate cake: [Ionic] Joy – Winter chocolate cake 5li @TCF


Items from What Next’s Mainstore

Yule log cake: [What Next] Chocolate Yule Log 1li (group gift) @mainstore

Lanterns on top of fireplace: [What Next] Winter Harvest Stars Lantern  1li each @mainstore


Supporting items

Table: [Dust Bunny] Autumns calling . wood table with tablecloth

Cabinets: [Nostalgia] Fleur Cabinet / Walnut / Gift


*All above items were kindly provided for blogging/review purposes by Creators/Events.


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