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Cubby’s Surprise

Cubby is just a sweet little bearkin and so today he has a surprise for our Bear. A sweet little picnic area for them both to eat and play. It’s so cosy in fact that a few new friends have found their way into this secluded little area. I don’t think Cubby minds though just as long as they don’t run off with any of the food. It’s quite important that everything remains in tact till Bear get’s to see the lovely surprise.

I know what you’re wondering…you’re wondering where those lovely chairs were acquired. I’m right aren’t I? I bet I am. I bet. Am I? Anyway, annoying me aside, these comfy beauties are by Refuge. Aren’t they the cutest little fluff chairs ever? I love that they are flower shaped, it fits into the pretty flowery grass by Stardust. I filled the little gaps between with some grass from HPMD and Fundanti. I wanted it to look more vegetation-y. That’s not a word, I know.

Adding the table was almost an after thought, I remembered that I had bought this really cute table from Half Deer on one of the recent Fifty Linden Fridays. I picked it up thinking I wanted very much to use it in a garden picnic scene and had forgotten about it until this picture. I knew it would come in handy. It’s the cutest little wood table. I need to find some cute little tree stumps to go with it so it can go in my dream garden. In this moment however, Cubby has dibs, don’t ask how he got up there, he’s sensitive about the stone that had to be used to make up for ‘height’ issues.

I even brought out the gorgeous flower hanging lights by Lagom because I love these flowers lights so much and they fit for the scene perfectly. Now, you’ve been around here long enough to know what comes next…break out the champange because it’s credits time!


Table: [+Half-Deer+] Tree Stump Table – Music Love 1Li {@Mainstore}
Drink: [kotte] meal deal – drink R (wear) {@Mainstore}
Chairs: [Refuge] Kawaii Flower Seat 4Li each {@Mainstore}
Bear (my wee cubby): [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Stance B 1Li {@Mainstore}
Fluff-tailed babies: [MishMish] Moonlight Fox – Pink 1 Li each {@Mainstore}
Hanging lights: [Lagom] Dangling flower lights 2Li each {@mainstore}
Grass: [Stardust] Dream Grass – Green Aqua White {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Green grass: [HPMD] Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens
Grass under log table: (Fundati) Beach Grass Patch I
Bowls on table: {vespertine} poke bowl
Buns on table: {vespertine} shiba buns and milk
Picnic basket: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . picnic basket . natural
Blankets: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . blanket basket

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