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Cozy spacious

Cozy spacious (prt I)

It seems like two words that can’t really go together. Cosy usually indicates small, intimate, snuggly and full of homely clutter. Spacious seems to suggest a large open space. However, when I thought of the name for today’s post it seemed the only thing that worked. Cozy spacious.

The house is by Lagom and it is a small house, the floor plan is made up of just one L-shaped room/house. Yet it’s so pretty. It’s been on my list of items I wanted to blog for a while now. It seemed so cute and it was open plan too. While decorating though it struck me that though small it feels quite spacious too. The windows probably contribute to this fact. Much like mirrored walls make a place feel bigger than it is. If you’ve got a landscaped large area the outside you rather forget that the house is so perfectly small. It felt much like building in the sims while I was doing this.

Cozy Spacious (part II)

Since I occasionally like to make small houses. I have a pull towards windows. I probably use a lot more windows than the average Sims Builder uses. This is just because I love windows. What can I say. I fell in love with this building because of it’s windows but also because it’s adorable quaint farmhouse style look. It would make a great small house if you’ve got only a medium sized piece of land or it would make a great backyard annex due to it’s windows. Whatever you decide to use it for, let me show you what I did with it and a small list of my featured stores.

house platform close 2house platform close 1

I know I was going to shut up and let you get to the credits but I had to step back in to say how cute is this gate?! I love it. It’s such a cute white picket fence. The gates even open with a click.

*The following listed items in the Featured area are products that have been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes both recently and in the past. All items listed in the Supporting Cast are items acquired/purchased by myself.



Building/House: [Lagom] Fishermans cabin 90li

White Fence: [Keke] garden fence . white (gate 2li, fence 1li per panel -two pictured)

Surrounding garden Fence: [Fancy Decor] Baker Fence 1li per panel

Bicycle: [What Next] Sunflowers Bicycle Decor 7li (decor only/not ridable)

♡ Potted plant (far): [What Next] Swiss Cheese Plant (stand) 3li

Potted plant (near bicycle): [What Next] Pothos Plant (stand) 2li



Bed: [Fancy Decor] Blague Bed (adult) 8li (pg also available)

Lights along bed post: [Refuge] Lissanna Prism Lights 5li

Bedside Cabinet: [Fancy Decor] Blague Endtable 1li

Seat/Bench: [Fancy Decor] Blague Bench 2li

Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Blague Lamp 1li

Candles on bedside cabinet: [Keke] candle platter w snowberries . wood 2li

Plant on floor near wardrobe: [Keke] snowberries in vase . gold 2li

Wardrobe: [22769] Slim Cupboard – COMMON 3li *gacha item



Supporting Cast

Paving/Outdoor pavilion:[Apple Fall] Apple Fall x Quasi Nimes Pool – PG 59li (this is the pool however I lowered it to the ground to create a landscaped garden area with grass where the pool part was. It could also be decorated with flowers too)

Cobble/paved path: [Apple Fall] Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Long) 1li per piece *resizable

Deck/Garden chairs: [Dust Bunny] beach day . lounge chair . pg 3li

Book on chair: [Dust Bunny] beach day . breezy book 1li

Bag: [Dust Bunny] beach day . towel tote 2li

Hedges: [Apple Fall] Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal 8li per hedge *animated

Small bush: [Apple Fall] Apple Fall Privet Ball (Variegated) 2li *animated

Trees: [HPMD] Garden Tree07 – green a 8li

Smaller trees/bushes around perimeter: [Alirium] DwarfForest [OldGold] 3li each

Grass: [HPMD] WildGrasses -green- b 1li



Picture on wall: [Apple Fall] Apple Fall Original: Swan Study 1li

Tablet and case on bench: [Tres Blah] Golden Cage – Tablet 1li *gacha item

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