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Courting Delicacies

Courting Delicacies

Hi there and Happy Sunday! I was going to make a post yesterday but decided to finish off the month instead with a large post. I needed a day to get it together because I fussed over it too much. I wanted it to have a certain atmosphere, I think I managed it. I had such a blast again. It’s really nice feeling so unburdened. I had time to set up the scene and go play Animal Crossing and Sims and catch up on all the things. I still haven’t managed to catch up with Twitter but I’m hoping to be able to do that in the next few days. I’ve strangely missed it. In Animal Crossing all my islanders chose to pointedly remind me that it had been a full on month since they saw me last. After about the third one to mention it I got to saying in response ‘I know, I know, I’m here now aren’t I?! I just got so bogged down irl’ as if they can even hear me.

I’m excited because today my special waifu is drawing me a picture that I already got a preview off last week when I was absolutely wallowing in overworked misery. It instantly boosted my sense of wellbeing at the end of the day that I just went round screaming randomly in deight. I have had news that later today it should be finished and up. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. That doesn’t mean though that I’m going to run off right this moment so do take a seat, do. I need to tell you about the post first. It’s exciting too. Come on, this is the only place I get to verbally splurge my excitement about things only you and I will understand. You like Second Life and so do I. See, we are bonded already.

So, the room well…when I saw this set I was instantly getting drawing room vibes. I know it’s porch furniture but I love the elegant cut of it. It looked like it would make an adorable drawing/greenery room because of it’s lovely windows. There is the outdoor greenery but also selected greenery indoors. Chandaliers are usually in the middle of rooms, usually. However, what fun is there in decorating if we always do things in the usual fashion. I liked it hanging over there in the corner. We all know it isn’t there for actual lighting anymore as much as a subtle statement of wealth and taste. Let’s be honest. It’s a fabulous chandalier. I love it half to death. I can’t believe I got it for such a good price too. I didn’t need to turn it on. Just to look at it being fabulous over there in a corner where you just have to notice it breaking all the rules.

But guys…look at these macarons. Don’t they look delicious. I still haven’t tried one. I want to try one. Maybe that should be my next baking project! I love how colourful Macarons are. I wonder if they are terribly hard to make. They always seem to, at least to me, scream elegance. Though it may not seem it, I’m all for things like that. My soul is everything that my outerly appearance is not, sigh.

I have visions of pretty elegant dresses being worn to this quaint room. Yes, I’m thinking the simple dresses of Bridgerton. The place is very casual so I wouldn’t expect anything elaborate. Just simply elegant and comfortable. Do you think I’m letting my imagination run away with me? Of course in the modern era the equivalent would be the cute comfy set by Capsule which is what my avatar has on in the below image. Loose, comfortable and relaxing. Oh, oh! what do you think about the pretty little heart strings though? I love those. I think they are so pretty, they went really really well with the sheer curtains with lights by What Next. That’s actually out on the weekend sales so if you hurry you’ll be able to get them for a bargain. The hearts are by Lagom and I know that those are in the SoKawaiiSunday sale. The curtains I believe were from FLF. However, What Next is very good at leaving them out on the weekend that the chances are high you may still get them at their 50L cost. Only, of course, if you hurry.

Since you’re going to be rushing off to get that I’m going to go straight on to the credits now. Be sure to check out the locations of all the other items too and see you next week.



Cardigan: [Capsule] Abbey Cardigan (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}
Top/vest: [Capsule] Abbey Top (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}
Shorts: [Capsule] Abbey Shorts (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}

Glasses worn on avatar: [Cheezu] classic glasses : large {@Mainstore}
♡ Ear: [Cheezu] Luna mesh ears {@Anthem} *round ending soon/find at mainstore after.


String Heart Lights: [Lagom] Lovehearts Stringlights – white {@Mainstore for SoKawaiiSunday}
Curtains: [What Next] Chloe Sheer Curtains 2li each: 1li for singles {@Mainstore for Fifty Linden Friday}
Sofa: [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Love Seat 5li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}
Single Chair: [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Armchair 3li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}
Table: [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Coffee Table 1li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}
Rug: [KraftWork] Runner Rugs . Native 7 (fringes) 4li {@Mainstore for Wanderlust}

Macaron Tree: [KraftWork] Macaron Clutter&Decor . Festive Tree 14li {@Anthem Feb 3rd}
Hanging Macaron in foreground: [KraftWork] Macaron Clutter&Decor . Hanging Plate Curacao 1li {@Anthem Feb 3rd}
Macaron Tray on table: [KraftWork] Macaron Clutter&Decor . Strawberry Plate 1li {@Anthem Feb 3rd}
Macarons on stump in fireplace area: [KraftWork] Macaron Clutter&Decor . Festive Trunk 4li {@Anthem Feb 3rd}
Love sign: [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Love Wood Frame 1li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}

Plate set: [Elm] Artemis Banquette ~ Plate #1 2li {@Collabor88} *
Lemons: [Elm] Artemis Banquette ~ Lemon Bowl 1li {@Collabor88} *
Brass Vase : [Disorderly] Noble Gold / Vase / Short 1li {@Collabor88}
Marble Vase: [Disorderly] Noble Gold / Vase / Tall 1li {@Collabor88}

Picture frames: [Disorderly] Noble Gold / Frames / Horizontal 3li {@Collabor88}
Tray on ground (next to chair): [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Decor Clutter Tray 2li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}
Frame (in fireplace area): [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Heart Grid Frame 5li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}
Cage: [KraftWork] Carmel Porch Set . Bird Grid Cage Tower 1li {@Fameshed Feb 1st}
Chandelier: [Soy] Queen’s Crystal Chandelier [Brass] 4li {@Collabor88} *

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/reviewing purposes. All purchased items will have an ‘*’ at the end. These are still being featured as I am featuring the Event as well (and they were really cute, we have to admit it.)


Supporting Cast

Hanging Plant (2 vases- window):: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . double planter 3li
Hanging plant (foreground): [Mithral] Hanging Philodendron Hederaceum (Pack C) 3li
Large potted plant in white vase: {vespertine} – monkey mask vine monstera. *reized larger. Resized was 6li.
Build used: [Scarlet Creative] Scarlet Creative The Nook 1 31li

♡ Hair: [DP YumYum] *barberyumyum*L14

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