Hi Guys, today’s post is featuring a super cute outfit from Miwas and these really cute ribbon shoes by Pure Poison! Normally fit wear isn’t my thing, I have a self consious thing about my bottom and thighs and usually I even pass it by in my virtual life too but look at these. Look at them. Look how sexy. If only I rocked them like that irl I would wear them more. I’m too self consious of my huge butt though. I don’t know, people ‘say’ most girls would die for a bubble butt but they haven’t grown up with one. I have, I don’t get the hype. I want my butt to look like my avatar’s butt looks like in Miwas outfit. I even love the cute cut out at the back that the top has while covering the front. It’s like a secret you only find out after you’ve passed by.

The shoes are perfectly gorgeous too because they have such a cute overflow of big floppy bows and that is everything to me.

I do though, want to apologise for the lack of a post on Saturday, I just wasn’t feeling at all well. I did want to make a pop up on Monday but after having felt bad all weekend it turned out my brain had suffered a meltdown too because no matter what I got out, I hated it. I churned out two pictures and hated both. I wasn’t sure what it was. It could have been that my brain said no or it could have been that subconsiously it knew there was a pressure to get something out to make up for the missed day and that pressure did me in. It didn’t help that I did a very long work day either. I was up at 8am and still working by 7pm. Honestly…now I consider it, what the heck did I expect. No wonder everything was pants.

Today however I’m hoping to make up for it, am I prepared nope, this is all lastminute dot come because I haven’t got a buffer anymore. Serves me right. So guys, what do you think of today’s post? It’s simple but I like it and I was just so happy to take a picture that worked. Actually, today I was listening to something on tv about not using the word guys as a collective word as it could be offensive or exclusive and it made me think, there’s a point in that. However, I haven’t yet thought of a collective word that would work in it’s place. Oh wait, everyone works. Why was that actually hard to remember?  I think I’m so terribly used to the word ‘guys’ that I don’t think too hard about what I replace it with sometimes. Some reflection for the day I think. I might also be very scatter brained during today’s post because I am functioning on very little sleep the night before and just coming off another long day of work. I need sweets by the basket loads.

Hm? what? coffee? as opposed to sweets? Pft, you’re no fun at all. Here come the credits…


Hair: [Tram] J0928 hair {@Mainstore}
Top: [Miwas] Yun Top (Freya, Legacy, M.Petite, Maitreya, L.Perky) {@Equal10}
Shorts: [Miwas] Yun Biker Shorts (Legacy, Freya, Maitreya) {@Equal10}
Shoes: [Pure Poison] Luana Sandals (Maitreya, Belleza, Kupra, Slink, Legacy) {@Fameshed}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Bear Ears are by Half Deer, Skin is by Not Found. Mesh head is Genus Strange. Body used is the Maitreya Lara Mesh body.

Supporting Cast

Eyeliner: [Ives] Sidereum Liner –  Group gift
Backdrop: [Lyrium] The Crossing – Flower Panorama – NO OUTER WALLS 23li
Pose: [Lyrium] The Crossing 1 Pose 4
Blush: [Loki] Heart Attack blush
Leg chain: [Promagic] Lovely Anklets (Maitreya, Legacy) *my favourate anklet/legchain thing at the mo. You’ll see it crop up often. It is not however part of the shoe.



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