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Cold tones

Cold tones


If you guessed it would definitely be a home and decor blog post today then congratulations. You deserve a pat on the back and all the delicious things you could wish for.

Without too much preamble I’m going to head on into the credits since I am getting this out rather late today and flickr has not been my best friend this evening. Neither has my slow computer. I’ve been retrying for long enough that I’m ready to flip my desk and send it out the window. Do you feel that way too? No? well, that’s because you haven’t been trying to upload anything to flickr.

Ouch! I just burnt my tongue on my coffee. Things might be out to get me in subtle ways. Today’s image I wanted to do in cool tones, an cold feeling atmosphere in the lighting with a very casual arrangement of furniture. Something that looked like the person had only stepped away but for a minute mid re-arranging. I loved using the build by Trompe Loeil because it is full of windows. It’s magnificent. For a person like me that loves windows this is a beautiful home. I want to be able to take a picture of the exterior for you at some point. I think you will agree with me.

I had a self imposed challenge where I had to decorate in a handful of minutes in order to make the post. Long story short I completely forgot I had an appointment today. I had almost decided to just cancel it and be done but then getting an appointment at the surgery is so difficult and I really should be responsible and turn up at least to know that my new medication is working fine. I feel a whole lot better than I did a few weeks ago. A whole lot better. Turns out I’m doing just fine so yay for real-life problems sorted. Now to tackle the rest of my real life list.

You may have also noticed a few items from Salem has been snuck in. Yes, Salem is open, how haven’t you heard yet. I’ve slipped these items in in an effort to keep the room casual and non themed while still adding some areas of interest. It’s Halloween in an incredibly subtle way.

The next image however won’t be quite as subtle. What ever shall it be. I’ll rather keep you guessing. See you all in the wonderful month of spooky October.



Building: [Trompe Loeil] Alcott Cottage + Tree 57li @Collabor88

Chair sofa: [Fancy Decor] Giovanni Sofa Bench – Gray (adult) 7li

Desk: [ keke ] organizer desk . black 4li

Desk chair: [ keke ] office chair . wood 2li

Fireplace: {what next} Madison Fireplace 4li

Carpet: [ keke ] rug 43 . deer . grey 2li


Plant on side table: [Mithral] Alocasia Cuprea (Black Pot) 1li @Salem

Plant in foreground: [Mithral] Alocasia Black Velvet (Black Pot) 1li @Salem

Plant next to desk: [Mithral] Colocasia Black Magic (Black Pot) 1li @Salem


Stack of books on the ground: [ keke ] the psychopath 1li each

Open book on the floor & table: [ keke ] seven secrets 1li


Hourglass (bottom of fireplace): [22769] Hourglass – COMMON 1li @Salem

Wand display (on top of fireplace): [22769] Bone Wand – COMMON 1li @Salem

Skull on top of fireplace: [Refuge] Crystal Skull Blue 2li


Pictures (over fireplace): [ keke ] clipped papers . fishy 2li

Pictures (on wall above desk): [ keke ] clipped papers . notes to self 2li

Mirror on wall: [ keke ] distressed mirror 2 . dark 5li


Cage with candles inside: [Fancy Decor] Caged Candles – silver 1li @Salem


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 



Supporting Cast

Side table:  [llorisen] rosette end 1li

Hanging plant: {vespertine} hanging succulents. – string of pearls. 5li


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