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Featuring Sorumin’s beautifully made lingerie for Frou Frou. It sparkles under the advanced lighting like a dream. I was quite taken with it, it appeals to all my magpie tendencies at the same time it was a step out of my comfort zone and my word, it was glorious!

I matched it with earrings from Cubic Cherry and they glow this came as a lovely surprise to me. I honestly never want to take them off. They are a different colour every time I look I’m in love. It just cycles through the colours. I could watch it all day and I’m not even joking. At first I thought I had just forgotten what colour they were but having been taken aback three times I finally cottoned on to the fact that they were changing colour. The star shape really appeals to me too because who doesn’t like stars. Stars are in the same category as Unicorns for me.

I’ve matched it with this lovely short hair by Tram at Collabor88 and I believe it is unisex because I was impressed how well it suited my avatar. I’ve never seen her like that before. Sintiklia’s lipstick was also something that went remarkably well with the whole ensemble and it is also at Collabor88 along with the sexy strawberries.




On Parfait

Hair: [Tram] l0129hair @Collabor88

Lipstick: [Sintiklia] Chic Lipstick (Genus, Catwa, Omega) @Collabor88


Earrings:  [Cubic Cherry] Etoile Earring (Glow Version) Black ( buyable addon >earrings glow versions. white and black versions included they have a glow part that cycles through different colors) @Midnight Monthly Madness opened on 7th feb at Mainstore.


Lingerie: [Sorumin] Love Lingerie Set @Frou Frou

Strawberry held: [random.Matter] Sweet Treats – Strawberry [C] [Whole] @Collabor88


On Ichigo

Nipple pasties: [Cubic Cherry]  Rose Pasties (using unrigged)

Strawberry posed in mouth: [random.Matter] Sweet Treats – Strawberry [C] [Bitten] @Collabor88



Strawberries (bowl): [DISORDERLY. x .r.M] Hearty Snacks / Berry Bowl / Chocolate 1li @Collabor88

Glasses of Champange & strawberries: [DISORDERLY. x .r.M] Hearty Snacks / Berry Champagne / White 1li @Collabor88

Heart Shaped biscuit: [DISORDERLY. x .r.M] Hearty Snacks / Cookie Tin / Pink 2li @Collabor88



Parfait: [Serendipity] Diana ( pose – 1) @Mainstore

Ichigo: [Serendipity] Diana ( pose – 2) @Mainstore


*above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

** The mesh bodies featured in today’s post are maitreya lara.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – Lipstick Lounge -Red

Projector lights: [Foxcity] Projector Light – Red Hearts (from Cupid Bento Pose Set pack)

Ichigo’s hair is from DP Yumyum


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