In total I spent 2 days testing the computer and today’s image is the second image I came out with. All editing was done with a trial version of Photoshop so I didn’t have my usual tools to hand. I thought I would share the second because it again covers some items from Etoile. I have a fondness for glasses in Second Life. Particularly the cute variety which is why you find my avatar wearing glasses every now and then.

Technically, it is part of her character set up and yet more often than not I go without. This isn’t much different from me in real life. I wear glasses or at least I am meant to but what cumbersome things to remember. I also never find cute glasses like you get in Second Life. Glasses that suit my aesthetic to the last pastel drop don’t exist that I have found. So I go crazy for them in-world and love to collect the cutest of the cute.

So, quite naturally, I was drawn to these cute-as-everything glasses. They are by Namiichu and at Etoile right now waiting to sit on your avatars adorable face.

The cute bun is by Doe and I loved that you could turn the tendrils of hair off and on and better still resize it. I don’t know about you but half he time my genus head is too small for hairs. This time I could achieve a perfect fit for her tiny head. The dress is from Decoy and although they only make for Maitreya, items are always so well made by this store. I can’t say I have seen anything yet made that I haven’t thought lovely and this piece is no exception. Stop by Collabor88 to try the demo and you’ll see.

Have you noticed the eyes? Aren’t they lovely? I really adore them.



Items from Collabor88

Hair: [Doe] Irene

Rings: [Yummy] Comfy Cozy Ring Set (slink, maitreya and belleza)

Shirt dress: [Decoy] Janet Dress (Maitreya only)

Necklace set: [Lagyo] Marla


Items from Etoile

Glasses: [Namiichu] Utau Glasses – Gold / Pink

Eyes: [SoapBerry] Jelly Eyes – Blue


*All the above listed items have been kindly provided by Creators / Events for blogging/Review purposes.

*In this post I am using the Maitreya Lara mesh body combined with the Genus Classic mesh head.


Supporting Cast

For my supporting cast I have used the following items…

Skin: [Deetalez] Viktoria (genus)

Bed: [Con. & Kuro] Winter Haven – Bed A

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