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Classic tastes

Today is a credits only post and it features home and garden items from Fancy Decor and Refuge, yay! Better yet, they are both available now at the same event! Here come the credits…

Classic tastes

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Chairs: Refuge – Lara Chair White PG 3li each @Fameshed

Side Tables: Refuge – Lara Table 1li @Fameshed

Console table: Fancy Decor: Colleen Console (gold) 2li @Fameshed

Vase/urn: Fancy Decor: Colleen Urn 2li @Fameshed

Picture frames: Fancy Decor: Colleen Frames (gold) 2li @Fameshed

Book stack: Fancy Decor: Colleen Box & Books (gold) 2li @Fameshed

Mirror: Fancy Decor: Colleen Mirror (gold) 1li @Fameshed

Tables (brown wood): Fancy Decor: Crane Console 1li @Mainstore

Lamp: Fancy Decor: Colleen Lamp (gold) 1li @Fameshed



Supporting Cast


Curtains: Ariskea [Doucy] Lace curtain 2 6li

Plantercat: dust bunny . quirky planters 2 . kitty planter 1li

Planterowl: dust bunny . quirky planters 2 . owl planter 1li

Floral tin: Foxwood – Tea time – Tin 3li @c88

Plants behind chair: dust bunny . sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree 4li each

Plant on side table: dust bunny . hoya plant 2li

Build used: Onsu ~ “Bridgewater” House ~ Washed ~ Smaller Tex Ver 116li

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