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Christmas Ready, Steady…

Christmas Ready, Steady...

christmas is starting close 1

christmas is starting close 2

You’ll have to wait for the ‘go’.

We can’t technically start till tomorrow. Right? At least that is the plan. I shouldn’t confess then that I was so eager to start decorating that I gave into at least sticking some Christmas themed window stickers on one panel of one window…

It was fun too. I think that has given me an extension. I can wait a little more patiently now. I’m so excited! Christmas month is my favourate month. It’s the only bright spot on what is otherwise a cold cold and miserable month. Months? I’ll say months since January is no better. It’s such a contrast of extremes. On the front end there is the build up, the restless excitement , the rushing around, the feeling flush with money, the great digestive system.

On the other side of the month, there is the feeling of crashing. Much like the adrenaline rush is gone and now you feel all the regret and exhaustion, your bank account has been depleted and you’re back to eating uninteresting food. This is based on the assumption of course that you weren’t in a food coma and didn’t come out on the other side abhorring the very thought of food. This is usually me. You’re practically craving a salad bowl by then. Then we do it all over again on New Years day which is both exciting and dreadful in equal measures.

So for now I’m going to enjoy my favourate half of the month. I have two advent calendars this year, in real life. As for Second Life, I can’t wait to see how many advent calendars there will be. I believe SeraphimSL is compiling a list. So that should be fun to explore too.

Till then, here come the credits.



The following is a list of the baubles. For further credits scroll lower…

christmas is starting close 3 NUMBERED

A: 10 [Fancy Decor] Hammered Ornament 1li @Tannenbaum

B: 04 [Fancy Decor] Finial Ornament B (color change) 1li @Tannenbaum

C: [ChicChica] Christmas ornaments #21 1li @The Arcade

D: 6. [Refuge] Charming Ornament 2 B 1li @Tannenbaum

E: 02 [Fancy Decor] Round Ornament (color change) 1li @Tannenbaum

F: [ChicChica] Christmas ornaments #15 1li @The Arcade

G: 01 [Fancy Decor] Drop Ornament (color change) 1li @Tannenbaum

H: [22769] Ornament Bell Bronze – COMMON 1li @Tannenbaum

I: [22769] Ornament Bell Bronze – COMMON 1li @Tannenbaum

J: [ChicChica] Christmas ornaments #5 RARE 1li @The Arcade

K: [ChicChica] Christmas ornaments #8 1li @The Arcade

L: 06 [Fancy Decor] Finial Ornament D (color change) 1li @Tannenbaum

M: [22769] Ornament Star Silver – COMMON 1li @Tannenbaum

Items featured in Fashion


♡ –Hat: [BONDI] Toy Soldier Cap . Fatpack @Tannenbaum

♡ –Hair: [Wasabi] Farah Mesh Hair @Tannenbaum

♡ –Outfit: [ON-LINE.] YURI LOOK / RARE 02 @Flora

♡ –Tights: [C’est La Vie!] Inga Leggings #2 (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Omega appliers & Tattoo layers) @Mainstore

♡ –Boots: [AsteroidBox] Anika Boots (Legacy, Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya) @Tannenbaum


Worn by Satomi…

♡ –Hair: [Navy+Copper] Amelia @Collabor88

♡ –Glasses: [BONDI] The Gambler – Glasses A Color B 11 @The Arcade

♡ –Top: [Tres Blah] Buttondown (Maitreya) – Red Buffalo @Collabor88

♡ –Jeans: [Scandalize] Ametalis.JEANS. @Collabor88

♡ –Necklace: [MG] Necklace – Miya Jewelled Collabor88


Items featured in the Scene

♡ –Chair: [Bamse] Consigliere – Chair RARE 5li @The Arcade

♡ –Desk: [Bamse] Consigliere – Desk RARE 4li @The Arcade

♡ –Large Shelf: [Bamse] Consigliere – Shelf 1li @The Arcade

♡ –Wall mirror: [Architect] Tannenbaum mirror with lights 2li @Tannenbaum

♡ –Wine Bottles: [Bamse] Consigliere – Wine Bottle 2li each @The Arcade

♡ –Lamp:  [Bamse] Consigliere – Lamp 2li @The Arcade

♡ –Christmas Tree decor: [Refuge] Wire Christmas Tree Red 1li (resized down to work as table decor. It comes larger to use as standing decor or christmas tree.) @Mainstore

♡ –Christmas Tree decor: [Refuge] Wire Christmas Tree Green 1li @Mainstore

♡ Planted rose: [Bamse] Consigliere – Rose 1li @The Arcade


♡ –Snow men pops: [Fancy Decor] Snowman Cakepops 2li @Tannenbaum

♡ –Jar with ribbon: 7. [Ayla.] Christmas Goodies – Jar w/Snowman Cookies 3li (resized slightly larger) @The Arcade

♡ –Jar without: 6. [Ayla.] Christmas Goodies – Jar w/Christmas Cookie Scene 5li (resized slightly larger) @The Arcade

♡ –Reindeer: [SEmotion] Libellune Winter Deer #1 RARE (companion) @The Arcade


On Trunk top…

♡ –Tray of Cider drinks: 9. [Ayla.] Christmas Goodies – Cinnamon Sticks Board 7li @The Arcade

♡ –Blue diamond bauble: 9. [Refuge] Charming Ornament 3 C 1li @Tannenbaum

♡ –Pink Heart bauble: 13. [Refuge] Charming Ornament 5 A  @Tannenbaum

♡ –Cookies: 1. [Ayla.] Christmas Goodies – Assorted Cookies RARE 8li @The Arcade

♡ –Party favour presents (on chair): [Second Spaces] Holiday Party – party favors 1li @The Arcade

♡ –Chair: [Barley] Glasgow Chair w/ Pillow 1li @Tannenbaum


♡ –Building used: [Nomad] NOMAD // Spring Townhouse // Cream 87li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes

*The mesh bodies used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara. Satomi is also using the Maitreya Lara. We both have Genus Mesh heads. I am using Boataom’s Popo Skin and she is using one from Mudskin.


Supporting Cast

♡ –Tree: [Apple Fall] Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green 16li



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