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Today’s post is a little late but it has been a mad dash evening so I won’t keep you too long. Today’s Christmas thing to do is to go to a Christmas Market. I’ve only been to one once in my life and although it was an atrociously cold day, wet to boot too (I crazily wore flats and really should have had wellies) it was actually very nice. I felt some of that magic even through my numb fingers and bedraggled mind. I am just really not good at crowds. I become that ‘don’t touch me!’ person. I just get so harassed, my senses feel battered with the influx of people. The fact that I can’t turn round for running into someone else. I think it makes me very bitchy. However, it’s more a defense mechanism. It’s hard to admit you can’t work like everyone else and revel in crowds. It’s all just far too much for the senses really.

However once you find yourself getting hooked by the wonder you can almost forget the people. I had never bought so many sweets, tasted so many things in baps or wraps and the one ride I went on I enjoyed immensely. I even managed to forget my OCD regarding public things. Although I drew the line at one thing and that was using the public facilities. There are things I can overlook and other things that will never ever happen unless you dragged my dead corpse there. Public toilets are one of these things.

There were so many coloured items and so many knickknacks. I couldn’t buy half of the things no but oh how I wish I could have. I’m not ashamed to say I totally got swept up in the fun as much. I even realise that anything I may have purchased probably would have been long since forgotten under the bed by now. So, it was probably a good thing that I couldn’t buy anything after the sweets, food and the ride.

Ionic’s Weihnachtsmarkt gacha set brought back all these memories as I was setting up the scene for my avatar. I like to think I captured a small part of the amazing that is a Winter Market.

Ready to set up your own Winter Market? the set is available at Equal10. Can’t get into the event or find events too hard? you’ll never guess what? Ionic has another previously released winter market gacha at the mainstore. It is completely different from this new set but if you feel like finding more items to add to your set up this gacha means you can grab more items.

For all the credits you need look below…




Satomi is wearing: [Sorumin] Street style SET -Costume (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, HG) @Winter Spirit

Parfait is wearing: [On-Line]  SOMI LOOK / RARE @Okinawa Winter Festival

Scarf: [On-Line] SOMI LOOK / Muffler BROWN @Okinawa Winter Festival

Reindeer Headband: [Astralia x Hello Kitty]  Hello Kitty Deer Headband [Red] @Advent Calender day 2  (Looking for more info?)



Items are from Ionic’s Weihnachtsmarkt  gacha set available at Equal10

Stall (red):  [ionic] Weihnachtsmarkt Stand (Red) – RARE 14li

Stall (wood): [ionic] Weihnachtsmarkt Stand (Wood) – RARE 14li


winter market close.png


♡  Biscuit tray (hearts & stars): [ionic] Christmas cookies display (B) 4li

Biscuit tray (Gingerbread men): [ionic] Christmas cookies display (A) 5li

Tiered biscuits:  [ionic] Christmas Cookies! 3li

Tree: [ionic] Little magic Christmas Tree 5li

Box of Baubles: [ionic] Christmas balls in a box 10li

Christmas tree decoration (pink) : [ionic] Pines (Warm tones) 2li

Christmas tree decoration (blues): [ionic] Pines (Cold tones) 2li

3 layer cake: [ionic] Oh deer (Frost cake) 4li

Skates: [ionic] : Ice skates 2li

Hanging stars: [ionic] Glitter Stars (Warm tones) 3li

Gift box display (glitter): [ionic] Merry Christmas Package (C) 1li

Gift box display (Christmas tree): [ionic] Merry Christmas Package (A) 1li

Gift box display (Reindeer): [ionic] Merry Christmas Package (B) 1li


From Collabor88

Hanging tinsel Silver: [Soy] Tinsel Garland [Long curved] 1li

Hanging tinsel chain garland: [Soy] Paper Chain Garland [Triple short curved] 1li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

♡  Candy cane sign: [dust bunny] winter decor . merry christmas sign 1li

Hot Cocoa (tiered) station: [Apple Fall] Happy Santa Hot Cocoa Station 1li *gift

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