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Christmas is seeping in

Christmas is seeping in

Are you running out of space for hiding your Christmas gifts in real life yet? It starts to get harder and harder to hide things away. I’m also on tenterhooks just waiting to put up the decorations. You start looking at them in advance. Arranging them and also planning what may go where. Perhaps you are even deciding to switch it up this year. I know I am. I’m even working on a menu right now. Hey, we can’t go out so I have to make my Christmas somehow more fun this time round.

Today’s image is a picture of the Christmas spread available to pick up at Tannenbaum. Look, do you see the wee mousies? that’s probably not their names, I didn’t ask. I declared them ‘wee mousies’ and there was not much more that could be said about it. Look at their little hats and tiny jumpers though, even those little full cheeks. I’m melting. Oh, oh and the reindeer, look how utterly cute the reindeer are. They have these adorably large eyes that reminds me of the sparkly large eyes of Judy in animal crossing. It was one of the things that made me want her as a villager. Until I realised just how hard she was to ever get.

I resized the reindeer so they could sit on the table and interact with the environment. You can have them bigger and you can have them smaller. Straight out the box they are bigger than pictured but they resize smaller if like me you’ve not got a large garden. They can live just as happily in your little skybox just like mine.  I love the yule log with the cute little raindeer on it, it’s crazy how cute it is. Now I want some yule log.

As for Candy canes that’s the first thing to disappear off our tree. I have probably mentioned it before but we usually have to restock the tree multiple times in the run up to Christmas because the candy cane always disappears quite surrupticiously off the tree. I am not even going to deny that I’m the worst culprit because I can’t resist them. They are so minty and nice. My trick for not being detected? well, if you have a wall behind your tree then you’re in luck. I simply swipe them from behind first where no one ever notices and I always tend to swipe them at night while watching tv. There aren’t any candy canes on this tree but I have started decorating it with these really pretty baubles by Fancy Decor.

They are so beautfully deep in colour while contrasting with such lovely gold. I unpacked them as soon as I picked them up because how I wish I had some baubles like this for my real life tree. I might have to see if I can find something as pretty on the internet because unfortunately there isn’t a Fancy Decor store in real life. That would have been so cool, having my tree match my virtual tree. The round ones also make me think of Hot Chocolate bombs simply because I was watching a video on those recently and now I am wondering what flavour they would be if the



Items on center table…

Table: [KraftWork] Provence . Coffee Table 4Li {@Mainstore}

Table cover (resized carpet): [KraftWork] Runner Rugs . Boho Set . Red Geometric 1Li {@Mainstore}

Cupcake on spatula: [Andika] Friandises de Noel Dispenser-B 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Yule Log: [RH] Xmas Cake -Deer- 3Li {@Tannenbaum}

Candy cane and cake: [Disorderly] Bundt Xmas / Candycane 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Hot chocolate and cake: [Disorderly] Bundt Xmas / Hot Chocolate 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Red bulb on table: [+Half-Deer+] Giant Christmas Bulbs – Single – Red 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Mousie holding bauble: [Sorumin] Christmas cuties SET -Baby with bauble- 6Li *resized down* {@Tannenbaum}

Mousie holding gingerbread man: [Sorumin] Christmas cuties SET -Baby with cookie- 7Li *resized down* {@Tannenbaum}

Mousie holding a fern: [Sorumin] Christmas cuties SET -Baby with pine branch- 5Li *resized down* {@Tannenbaum}

Reindeer on table: [+Half-Deer+] Vintage Deer Figurine – Brown – Forward 1Li *resized down* {@Tannenbaum}

Berry cake on stand: [Andika] Friandises de Noel – Pavlova/decor 1Li {@Tannenbaum}


Items on right side…

Present boxes: [What Next] Christmas Gift Box 2Li {@Mainstore}

Bulb on cabinet (orange): [+Half-Deer+] Giant Christmas Bulbs – Single – Orange 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Bulb on cabinet (green): [+Half-Deer+] Giant Christmas Bulbs – Single – Green 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Candle stick short: [Architect]  Rezzonico Candlestick (short) 2Li {@Tannenbaum}

Candle stick long: [Architect]  Rezzonico Candlestick (tall) 2Li {@Tannenbaum}

Ring light: [Architect]  Rezzonico Ring Light 2Li {@Tannenbaum}

Light candles: [Architect] . Rezzonico Candle (steel) 2Li each {@Tannenbaum}

Cloche with baubles: [Architect] Rezzonico Ornaments 3Li {@Tannenbaum}

Reindeer on cabinet: [+Half-Deer+] Vintage Deer Figurine – Cream – Look Up (Mirror) 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Wall table/cabinet: [Architect] Rezzonico Wall Table 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Reindeer on trunk: [+Half-Deer+] Vintage Deer Figurine – Brown – Lay 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Santa truck: [Chez Moi] Inflatable Santa Truck *resized down* {@Tannenbaum}

Long tree bauble: [Fancy Decor] 08 Fancy Decor: Striped Finial Ornament C 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Round bauble with leaves decor: [Fancy Decor] 15 Fancy Decor: Brocate Bauble Ornament 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Glitter dusted bauble: [Fancy Decor] 17 Fancy Decor: Red & Glitter Bauble Ornament 1LI {@Tannenbaum}


Items towards the back…

Blanket on sofa: [KraftWork] Taylor Modular Leather Sofa . Add-On Blanket 4Li {@Mainstore}

Cushion on sofa: [KraftWork] Taylor Modular Leather Sofa . Add-On Pillow 1Li {@Mainstore}

Sofa: [KraftWork] Taylor Modular Leather Sofa (made up of sections 1 to 4Li each) {@Mainstore}

Wicker screen: [KraftWork] Wicker Privacy Screen . 4 Modules 2Li {@Mainstore}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Hanging ivy: [Hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3Li each

Build used: [llorisen] leon converted shack v1.5 17Li

Sheer red curtains: [Foxwood] Fleur – Curtain- Crimson 2LI

Trunk: [Apple Fall] Leather Strapped Trunk 5Li

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