Caught on tape! Bear’s caffeine addiction.

Caught on tape - Bear's Caffeine addiction

I absolutely love coffee on the best of days but recently I’ve been trying to drink less. I managed that for a whole four days. Till I gave in and started drinking it again in hopes of at least getting rid of this annoying headache that keeps plaguing me or at least to numb the pain in my neck that keeps causing said headache. They live off each other. The neck pain announces itself quite loudly to my brain and the corresponding side of my brain gets bombarded with all the sensory information of pain.

It becomes so annoyingly painful that I crawl off to bed to lay down, roll around whining to all within earshot and eventually fall asleep and losing large parts of the day. Which is equally annoying in and of itself. I was told that perhaps I was experiencing this because I was having caffeine withdrawals.

I can’t say if that is true or not but the first thing I did was promptly order myself a cup of coffee. Why suffer, right? I’m equal parts glad and equal parts frustrated to say it isn’t withdrawals. I’ll tell you what though, having another cup of coffee at least numbed the headache slightly. The neck still went on at me but the headache was halved.

So while the going is good, here we are with another post. I want to try and get another one done today before I’m laid up in bed again. So send all your coffee my way. Just mark the box ‘Bear’.

This dress is by Pure Poison and it is my absolute favourate outfit by Pure Poison that I have tried so far. I haven’t been able to try the Sailor outfit but that could be a contender. This dress just fits so cute and I love the folds. They are soft and not too harsh and although I thought (for my avatar at least) that it would look too much like a bandeau dress, it didn’t. It is actually a whole lot more cute than that. I love that you can change the top, bottom and middle belt individually. So you get to come up with some cute combinations. Naturally I went with a lovely citrus look. Initially I had chosen a lovely mint colour for the waist band before going with the current colour because my eyes loved it the most.

This was yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday entry from Pure Poison. I didn’t get to do fifty linden I spent most of it in bed with the issues above. Everything else rather took a back seat. So I’m just realising that omg…this was in FLF. I don’t know if it is still at the store at the discounted price but you never know, you may be lucky.

And if it is not? then it is so adorable anyway and you know you are always going to get a good deal with the Pure Poison HUD. So drop by the mainstore and demo one today. See the credits below for the bodies covered.

The hair is by C’est La Vie is a group gift. It’s just adorable. It makes my avatar feel like a dolly with it’s curled in ends like a cute bob. Poor Bear, fresh from the salon and loaded up with coffee and she gets ambushed by cameras.



Dress: [Pure Poison] Jane Dress (Maitreya, Freya, Slink HG, Legacy, Isis) @mainstore

Hair: [C’est La Vie] Levi Hair – Blonde @mainstore (GROUP gift)

Glasses: [Cubic Cherry] Bloom Glasses (with HUD) @mainstore


*all above items have been kindly provided by the above creators for blogging/review purposes. 

* Mesh body used in this post is the Belleza Freya Mesh body.


Supporting Cast

Cup of Coffee: [Hive] coffee on the go . wearable

Pose: [Stun Poses] Antonia 3


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