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A relaxing spot in the country

In today’s post were are back to secluded spots and I wonder did we ever truly leave them behind? or is that just wishful thinking on my part. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a hermit and then I realize…of course I’m a hermit because my most enjoyed decors seem to enter around little hideaways. My friend Kari helped me name this post, thank you so much Kari. She was very kind…

Garden & Landscaping Home and Decor

The Beach house

Today’s post is with thanks to Ionic and their lovely gacha set out at the Chapter four called The Shore and a mainstore set called Fiesta . I’m definitely experiencing beach weather here in the UK. I dare say I’m experiencing too much beach weather. It’s so warm I don’t know how to handle it. Our house isn’t made for hot weather. It’s actually geared towards retaining heat for the cold long…

Garden & Landscaping Home and Decor

Where the world takes a break

View main image in HQ on Flickr You’ve probably guessed by now that I like reading a lot. If you do not yet know, you’re in for a treat. I love reading. I don’t just love reading. I adore reading. Continuing on from my desire for a nook and creating one my other joy in life was always being able to read outside in the garden in the sunshine. Tucked…