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Catch Me

Before I catch you!

I decided I wanted to try a darker tone again. It isn’t the first time  and I love pales as they are so widely available, easy to get and come with cute make up options. They are also easy to pick up for the price of a gacha spin. My favourate skin creators all do such lovely pales.

However I am also a fan of dark tones too. Mudskin has some lovely darks sometimes but they don’t always get very dark. Also the easiest tone to match from the gachas is 104. Which also happens to be my favourate Mudskin tone. I hadn’t stumbled upon very many darks I liked aside from Pepe Skins. I quite like the darks from Deetalez too.  I also quite like the Mixed tone and the Mediterranean. I would like to try one of those next.

I hadn’t yet tried the dark tones from Boataom, another skin store I find myself using a lot. I love that they make dark skin tones so if I love it in pale the chance to love it in a darker tone is always readily available. Since I’ve literally been living off Popo for the longest time (this is the longest time I’ve worn a skin, rivalled only by Mudskin’s Yoni. I adored that skin but I use Genus now) I thought to try getting it in a darker tone.

Surprise surprise, I still love it. The skin is just the most adorable. So here come a set of images using this skin because I can’t take it off. I suspect I’m going to be wearing this skin for the whole week.

If you are wondering what other pale skin stores I love well some of them are More More, Enfer Sombre, Lara Hurley (who does do some darker tones but I haven’t had a chance to try. I haven’t found a genus release.) VCO and Clair de Lune. I also really like Sugar Pill skins and they do such gorgeous darks but I haven’t been able to get a Genus one yet either. That’s just a few of my favourate skin stores.

Moving on from skins, today’s outfit is a combination of items. I thought the combination looks so cool! When girls fight in underwear and straps you just KNOW that they must be that good. It always makes me think that they must be so good at fighting that they can fight with no armour because they don’t rate your chances against them. That must makes me fangirl to the extreme. I might be a little strange…then again should you manage to get past their defences (unlikely pft) and a single strap happens to fall…

*intermission break for lots of girlish squeeling*

It just makes her seem more human and I’ll cheer while she decimates you for daring to ruin her strap. Fashion is serious business.

Making my girlish fantasies come true today is AsteroidBox and Pure Poison. The top is the Rhea Top by Asteroid Box available for Freya, HG, HG Petite, Legacy and Maitreya. I’m wearing it on the Legacy mesh body. That body just keeps growing on me every time I wear it. It is impossible to believe but I love it more than when I bought it. Despite all the uncertain opinions about it I want it to be around for a long time. I hope it will be because it is quite cute.

The underwear and it’s straps fit and work quite well with the straps of the boots. They are both by Pure Poison however the underwear is only available for Maitreya and Legacy bodies. However, just look what they make together, rawr!

Moving to accessories I’ve got earrings from Maxi Gossamer, I love them and they were a bargain at only 88L. It comes with a colour change script inside them. The Weapons and pose are also from Collabor88 just like the earrings and they are from R2xSAC. The hair? cute right?! it’s from Stealthic also at Collabor88.

Quick, take a look at the credits for store and event links to get your shop on!




♡ Hair: [Stealthic] Sultry* @Collabor88

♡ Earrings: [Maxi Gossamer] Turi Power Hoops* @Collabor88

♡ Top: [AsteroidBox] Rhea Top (Legacy, HG, Petite, Maitreya, Freya) @Kustom9

♡ Panties: [Pure Poison] Gianna Undies (Legacy, Maitreya) @Frou Frou

♡ Boots: [Pure Poison] Victoria Boots (Isis, Legacy, Freya, HG, Maitreya) @Kustom9

♡ Pose (and weapons): [R2xSAC] Shinobi Poses (comes with weapons pictured) @Collabor88


*all items listed above except where ‘*’ is present have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. The items with ‘*’ denote items that were bought but being blogged also for the event.

**The mesh body worn in today’s post is the The Mesh Project’s Legacy body


Supporting Cast


♡ Bangs: [Sintiklia] Mesh base (babyhair) – Mesh base (strands) style 3

♡ Skin: [Boataom] Popo – Indiana

♡ Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – Mixed Feels (Rez) 62li



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