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Catch Desserts Make Fortune



I wish that was a thing in animal crossing. Catch bugs, catch fish, catch desserts! I would be the dessert catching master. Then you could keep them on the shelf and they would never spoil. Not like turnips do. You could trade/sell them by beauty and make bank every ….time. In my vision of they would have little angel wings and float about rather like the balloon gifts except floating deserts with wings. I could only wish I could find a net as cute as the one Lagom made to catch them in.

It completely suits my aesthetic. My living room in animal crossing is a gorgeous paradise of pink and white and it makes me happy every time I step into that little door and drown my eardrums in the sound of Bubblegum K.K. I think I’ve almost replicated the delightfulness of it with Lagom’s gacha. At least, it made me smile. Just need the song now, right?!

I even wish I could find an outfit half as amazing as this one from Sweet thing, look at the shiny gold. I’m mesmerized like the magpie I am. Shin-eeey~! The mini cakes I’m hoarding are by On-Line and out at Flora. I think the little cakes make adorable decorations for rezzing but they come as a held item for extra cuteness.

As for the adorable little Bear by SEmotion, I’ve been missing my bears so much recently. They haven’t appeared in my pictures in ages. We’ve been socially distant before social distancing even became a thing! I want my bear-kin back. I’ll send them an email while you continue on to the credits, deal? deal!


Items from Lagom‘s ‘Crossing’ gacha

Building: 01. Lagom – Crossing [ Skybox ] RARE 3li {@Mainstore}

Shelves: 02. Lagom – Crossing [ Shelf ] 1li each {@Mainstore}

Cherry string lights: 04. Lagom – Crossing [ Cherry lights ] 2li {@Mainstore}

Apple tree lamp: 05. Lagom – Crossing [ Apple Light ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Axe (sitting in bag): 11. Lagom – Crossing [ Whacking Axe Bow ] 6li {@Mainstore}

Net: 09. Lagom – Crossing [ Whacking net Sparkle ] 6li {@Mainstore}

Picture frame: 03. Lagom – Crossing [ Sign ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Mini picture frames (insert your image): 07. Lagom – Crossing [ Gamecard Frames Pink ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Bed: 14. Lagom – Crossing [ Bed Pg ] RARE 19li {@Mainstore}


Hair: [C’est La Vie] Silva Hair – Brown {@Mainstore}

Ears: [Random Matter] Thailin Ears – Elfie  {@Mainstore}

Bear: [SEmotion] SEmotion Libellune Teddy Bear Boy Brown Patches #1 RARE {@Mainstore}

Outfit (including boots): [Sweet Thing] Celeste Ensemble (Maitreya only) {@Mainstore}

Boots: [Sweet Thing] Celeste Boots (Maitreya only) {@Mainstore}

Cakes on shelves: [On-Line] GOMI TOMI 2li each {@Flora}

Bear Dessert glass in corner: [On-Line] GOMI TOMI – RARE 01 {@Flora} *held only


Bag on bed: [Lagom] 15. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Softbag Floral ] 1li


Supporting Cast

Pose: [Foxcity]  Legs for days 4m

Flower in hair: [Lode] *LODE* Head Accessory – Vanilla Single [white]

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