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When you’re wading through waters under the catacombs you would no doubt prefer to look stylish doing it…right? There is always the option to not have to but that option isn’t on the plate today folks. The art comes first.

Today’s post features items from Collbor88’s current round. I also got inspired by Milk Motion’s build featuring all that water and underground rock. It feels like wading through some sort of ancient prison that has been partly taken over by water.  In this picture I feel like my avatar is looking quite different from usual. She feels all grown up and sexy-fied from those plump luscious lips and all that wild falling hair to the cutaway dress. I adore it all.

Here come the credits for today’s look…



Hair: [Exile] Into you @Collabor88

Tiara: [Lagyo] Anaise Headchain @Collabor88

Earrings: [Lagyo] Anaise Earrings @Collabor88

Necklace: [Lagyo] Anaise Necklace  @Collabor88

Dress: [Rowne] Alena Wrap Dress (freya, hourglass,maitreya) @Collabor88

Armbands: [AMD] Creature Armbands (freya, hourglass, maitreya)


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes

** mesh body used in today’s post was the belleza freya



Supporting Cast

Build: [Milk Motion] The cistern – 27*42m – 70 li



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