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I’m back with a new picture, yay! I’m on a roll. Isn’t this hair the cutest hair you ever saw? it is by C’est La Vie. I saw it in the Fifty Linden Friday notices and I had already done a picture for Friday so I’m late to the party. However you might still be able to get it for 50 Linden if it is still out if it is not, don’t be alarmed it will still be in the store and available to buy at the regular price. I am in love with the cute corkscrew like pigtails. My exact words when I saw the product picture for it was ‘awwww’. It came with a hat too but I turned mine off and teamed it instead with this floofy adorable beret by Cheezu.

The blush on my avatars nose is a BOM layer just like the lipgloss and I can’t lie to you, I’ve been having lots of fun with BOM layers. Didn’t think I would have this much fun but it is very convinient. I still use some appliers but I love the ability to add more items on. Speaking of BOM guess what else is a BOM layer. You won’t believe and you’ll never guess it so I’ll just tell you (indulge me)…it’s the tights! I love them.

I went to Backdrop city for this shot because I liked this backdrop and had always wanted to use it one day but never quite had a good reason to. I also really love those boots, I should probably just say I loved everything. The boots are amazing not only did it go with the whole ensamble but I liked the fact that there were nails at the ends of them. I’m not really sure what that says about me that I found that much joy in this small thing. Do you know what is even better you can turn the nails off too just in case you don’t want to scuff up all your virtual furniture.

Look at them, look how pretty. I changed the laces to match my avatar’s outfit which is actually a one piece outfit. I loved the fact that one arm was casually tucked into the pocket. It actually contributed to today’s title. I’m brining out the shopping list, are you ready? brilliant because here we go…



➥ Hat: [Cheezu] daily wool beret  {@Anthem}

➥ Eyelashes: [Mukado] Mimi Lashes {@The Girl Power Event}

➥ Hair: [C’est la vie !] Sue Hair *comes with it’s own hat and the ability to turn it off and on* {@Mainstore}

➥ Nose blush: [Pretty Vacant] Rosy Nosy 1 {@The Girl Power Event}

➥ Lipgloss: [dnadolli] CovetLiquidLip – Second Skin {@The girl Power Event}

➥ Outfit: [Sorumin] School time set (Legacy, Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Slink HG) {@Anthem}

➥ Tights: [Miwas] thigh High Fishnet Tights (bom – different heights in pack) {@The Sign}

➥ Shoes: [AsteroidBox] Spencer Boots (legacy m & f, freya, slink f, maitreya, gianni, alice, Jake & unrigged) {@Kustom9}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes. Mesh body used is the Legacy perky mesh body combined with the Lelutka Ryn mesh head.


Supporting cast

Backdrop: [Haikei] Helpless Backdrop 29li

Pose: [Sweet Art]  Lily Pose 1M *edited with Lelutka axis to look up at camera angle*

Plant: [dust bunny]  elephant ear plant 3li

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