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Hi! I’m back with more Collabor88 goodies. How has your Monday been going? I hope it wasn’t too traumatizing. It is always so hard to adjust to the week after a nice relaxing weekend. It might just be me but I’m never that eager to jump in again. It’s always done with a reluctance that I later look back on at the end of the day and wonder why I made such a fuss. However, that is assuming things went well and it was just another ‘Monday’ after all.

Today my avatar is here with these adorable MishMish wolfies. Aren’t they just the most darling of creatures, so fluffy looking. The animation is ridiculously cute as is all things MishMish. Also if you stare closely when you have one of them in your arms omg the little teeth, I’m dying from an overwhelming amount of cute.

I also really love this hairstyle, it does come with a style HUD where you can get rid of the long tendrils of hair completely and just have the bun hairstyle. It also comes with the middle tendril missing but why would you want any of those options when this version is the sexiest most cutest version of all. Look how it skims past those lips. I think it makes the lipstick look even more tantalising when it is semi hidden behind a flow of soft dark curls. I feel like my avatar looked very glam. The jacket is by The Secret Store and I loved the white, for the strappy top underneath I went with black. It seemed like fate had already led the whole look down a black and white with red vibe and I willingly followed.

Heres a closer shot before the credits arrive.


Hair: [Lamb] Wave {@Collabor88}

Lipstick: [Top1Salon] HD Sahara Lipstick (Lelutka, Genus)  {@Collabor88}

Jacket: [The Secret Store] Willow Mixed Jacket (Freya, Flat, HG, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}

Strapy top underneeth: [The Secret Store] Malika Bralet (Freya, Flat, HG, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}

Wolf Puppy (held): [MishMish] Baby Wolf to hold / Left – Dark {@Collabor88}

Wolf Puppy companion (dark): [MishMish] Baby Wolf Companion – Dark {@Collabor88}

Wolf Puppy companion (light): [MishMish] Baby Wolf Companion – Bright {@Collabor88}

Elf Ears: [Random Matter] Iseul Ears – Elfie {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – Bubble Pop (Monochrome) (Rez) 40LI

Pose: [Insomnia Angel] Claire g-sit 1

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