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Can I tempt you?

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It’s February. It’s the month of love. I’m going to smash February and get myself a valentine.

It was also Monday, the first day of the week. Unfortunately I had so much trouble with my internet that I couldn’t post this and I couldn’t get online. Typical. I am not sure what was wrong with it. It’s been playing up for three days now. The internet keeps cutting out.

But forgetting all that for a moment, the plan for this month! I intend to get a kiss. Not a pretend one. Not a ’emoted’ one. A real puckering up of lips. It’s fortuitous timing too because lip care regimen has been going really well. It’s winter and there is nothing worse that dry scratchy lips. Am I probably putting way too much thought into it? probably but…goals. I’m ready for my real life meet cute.

It’s okay if it doesn’t happen because I have such a long list of other things to get done too for February. I think my avatar probably has goals along the same line as mine because today all the stops were pulled out.

The title is a perfectly innocent question from a cute half ravished demon girl. I don’t know what the answer will be but don’t leave her waiting too long because as I’ve said, it is the month of love and you don’t want to break a girl’s heart do you? Especially not a demon one. She might bite you and smother you with her tail.

demonically yours close 1demonically yours close 2

And if you can’t be tempted by demon girls here then there’s a bottle, or two, of champers and yummy chocolate covered strawberries. That should at least grant her 20 minutes of your time.

Today’s post features a majority of items from Sanarae however there are some other events too, like Collabor88 and some Mainstore items mixed in. I bet you’re curious now which they are, right? In order to decipher the whole tangled web of seduction you’ll have to read on to find out.




Hanging boards/signs: [Haikei] MAKE ME CHERRY POP / GACHA / 2 2li each {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Stool: [Haikei] MAKE ME CHERRY POP / GACHA / 4 2li {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Table: [Haikei] MAKE ME CHERRY POP / GACHA / 7 1li {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Chair: [Haikei] MAKE ME CHERRY POP / GACHA / 1-A 2li {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Plants: [Haikei] MAKE ME CHERRY POP / GACHA / 3 6li {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Table/sink: [Haikei] MAKE ME CHERRY POP / GACHA / 8 4li {@Sanarae} {mainstore}


Divider: [Ionic] Wooden Wall decor 4li each {Mainstore}

Chocolate strawberry platter: [ChicChica] StrawberryInChoc dispenser 3li {@Collabor88} {Mainstore}

Champagne: [ChicChica] Pearl Chammy Dispenser 1li each {@Collabor88} {Mainstore}

Glass of Champagne on table: [ChicChica] Champagne DECO 1li {@Collabor88} {Mainstore}



Tattoo: [Stardust] Julia and Juliana tattoos (legacy, Bom, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Omega) – White {@Uber}{Mainstore}

Wings: [Sweet Thing] Demon Wings (Bento) {Mainstore}

Tail: [Sweet Thing] Demon Tail *using included tail AO/poser {Mainstore}

Collar: [Sweet Thing] Wicked Royalty Collar (Maitreya, Venus, HG, Freya) {Mainstore}

Earring: [Minds] Milk Chocolate Bar Earring {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Eyepatch: [RichB] Kaos Eyepatch *gach item {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Outfit: [Amitomo] Give me that GACHA – Maitreya – 1 {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Heels and stockings: [Pure Poison] Ellie Pumps & Socks (Legacy, Maitreya, Isis, HG and Freya) {Mainstore}

*all items listed above have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the legacy female mesh body and the genus head.


Supporting Cast

Build: [Foxcity] K-POP STAR 3. (7) On The Grid (Purple) (Rez)

Rose petals: [Half Deer] Rose Petal Heart w/ Lights (Red) 3li

Champagne on a tray: [Dust Bunny] tray of champagne . gold 1li

Panties: [Vagrant] Vanessa Panties (Lace) Warm Pink (Legacy, Maitreya)

Hair: [DPYumyum] barberyumyum*S13(FAT)

Rose in cloche: [Ariskea] Carnations Roses Curiosity[Red]- Gift 1li

Pose: [Foxcity] Loner 5



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