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Calming Blue

I can’t believe it is already the last day of the month. I’m finishing it off with some pretty decor. I still don’t feel very confident in dark colours for interiors but I loved this the way it was. It made me feel calm and comfy. So, let’s finish with this, yes?

You’ve probably guessed it, it is time for a no frills credits only post. What’s that heading straight towards you?!


Canvas: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Artwork 1Li {@Uber}
Chair: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Armchair – blue 3Li {@Uber}
Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Floor Lamp (texture change) 3Li {@Uber}
TV: [Fancy Decor] Antony TV 1Li {@Uber}
Console Table: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Console 1Li {@Uber}
Marble side table: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Marble Side Table 1Li {@Uber}
Side Table: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Side Table (texture change) 1Li {@Uber}
Rug: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Rug 1Li {@Uber}
Center table: [Fancy Decor] Carlton Coffee Table 2Li {@Uber}
Coffee cup: [Fancy Decor] Morgan Coffee Mug 2Li {@Uber}
Wine glass: [Fancy Decor] Merlot Wine Glass 1Li {@Uber}
Pastries: [What Next] Coffee Time – Biscotti (wood) 1Li {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Magazine pile: [Apple Fall] Stacked Magazines 1Li
Crumpled newspaper: [Apple Fall] Crumpled Newspaper 1Li
Hanging vines with white flowers: [hive] hanging bougainvillea plant . white 4Li
Ornate potted flowers: [Apple Fall] Hydrangea Bunch – White 2Li
Potted plant on console: [dust bunny] hoya plant 2Li
Wall plants: [Mithral] Hexagon Plant Shelves V2 (Natural) 6Li
Bottles: [Apple Fall] Lemon & Lime Water 1Li
Wall panels: [Sayo] Parsons Panel – Wall 02 1Li

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