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But you’re ruining the picture!

But you're ruining the picture!

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room only

Bear and her new friend aren’t seeing eye to eye at the moment. Bear is quite particular about how she wants a scene set. Her plan was to have both of them standing but her foot stomps and pointings are being deftly ignored it seems.

Today’s post is a combination of fun things. For one, the Arcade’s October round will soon be over and if you haven’t been down to play you really should before it closes on the 1st. If you’re worried that there are only Halloween items available then you would be wrong. You can still rock out the pink and cute. Elm has these really adorable potion bottles that would suit a room all year round and I have placed some in this room. The adorable potted bunnies in costumes can also work all year round and they are by Half Deer.

The lovely box is by Lagom and available at Belle Event. I really like this. It’s grown on my a whole lot. At first I was daunted as to how to decorate it. Yet I found that once I started I couldn’t stop. I actually had to take things out because I had put in too much. Every second was an inspiration to add something else. It was going to have a bath in it but then I thought it would be more fun as a closet with a vanity table or clothing…then I thought to pull out the vanity and put in a seating area instead. Like a little nook.

And then…

It became a girlish mishmash of all the ideas I had had and I love it! It is so versatile. It can be anything. It comes in a mini version as well which could work quite beautifully as a tabletop decoration. You could store cute little jars in it, or let your dolls stand in it. It is after all called the doll theatre.

I’ll let you move on to the credits now because you have a shopping list that will keep you occupied for a while.



The following list of featured items comprise the scenery. For the items worn scroll down to the next section. If you would like the supporting cast that is further down still.

Box: [Lagom] The Doll Theater [ Pink ] 20li @Belle Event

Tub of Icecream (on top of basket): [On-Line] Loving Ice Cream – Rare* @Mainstore *item comes as a held item with bento hold animation but can also be rezzed as decor. @Mainstore

Potion bottle (with daisies): [Elm] #3 Elm. Flask of Joy* @The Arcade

Donut Shaped bathbombs: [Lagom] 16. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Bathbomb Sakura]* 1li @Mainstore

Sign with hanging hooks: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Scrubadubdub]* 3li @Mainstore

Round Bathbombs: [Lagom] 18. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [bathbomb box]* 1li @Mainstore

Pink potted Bunny: [Half Deer] Lazypuff Bunny III – Succulent Baby* 1li @The Arcade

Green Catus potted bunny: [Half Deer] Lazypuff Bunny III – Mr. Prickles* 1li @The Arcade

Circle windows: [Lagom] 13. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Window light Pink]* 1li @Mainstore

Q-tips in cloud shaped stand: [Lagom] 20. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Q-tips]* 1li @Mainstore

Shelf: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Shelf Pink]* 3li each @Mainstore

Stack of jars: [Lagom] 15. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Facemasks ]* 1li @Mainstore

Potion bottle (green liquid): [Elm] #7 Elm. Tonic of Vitality* 3li @The Arcade

Bear shaped soap dispenser: [Lagom] 22. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Soap Pink]* 1li @Mainstore

Bears: [MishMish] Teddy Bear (decor version) 1li each @Mainstore

Wardrobe behind clothing rack: [Lagom]  07. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [Towel-Closet Pink] @Mainstore



The following listed items comprises the clothing worn that is being featured in today’s post.

Ruffle dress: [Sallie] 7. Hella Cute (maitreya) Harness dress – White* @The Arcade

Boots (pink): [Sallie] 16. Hella Cute (maitreya) Boots and Socks – Pink* @The Arcade

Dress worn by Parfait/Bear: [Chu-ing] Twilight Look. 1 [Maitreya]* @The Arcade

Tights worn by Parfait: [C’est La Vie] Emmi Tights #2 *now updated with system layers @Mainstore

Icecream: [On-Line] Loving Ice Cream – ICE A 1* @Mainstore


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. All gacha items have been denoted with an ‘*’.


Supporting Cast

Laundry Basket (tall): [dust bunny] . lauren bathroom . hamper 4li

Basket: [dust bunny] . & con . lauren bathroom . vanity basket 3li

Wall Lamps: [dust bunny] . & con . lauren bathroom . wall light . gold 2li

Rug: [dust bunny] . lauren bathroom . rug . white 3li

Tile wall: [dust bunny] . & con . lauren bathroom . tiles . long 3li

Hanging robe: [dust bunny] .lauren bathroom . hanging robe . c

Seating cushions: [dust bunny] .darling sectional cushion . white . pg

Eyelash pillow: [Dahlia] Lazy Days – Lashes Pillow – Blush 30* gacha

Clothing rack: [dust bunny] .clothing rack . colorful

Hanging drapes: [Half Deer] Ceiling Drapes – Low – Plain

Shoes worn by parfait: [Violent Seduction] Madame Rosier Heels (White) *gacha

Hair worn by parfait: [Doux] Cordelia

Hair (bob) worn by Satomi : [*barberyumyum*] B09(03)






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