Bring the night

It’s Halloween, yay! It is finally time to get dressed up and scare the pants off each other. To eat spooky cake and eyeball sweets. I can’t believe October is at an end so quickly thought. It went by quickly probably because I was so busy for most of it. I wonder if we will get any trick or treaters. I live high up so we rare get anyone knocking. I do however like to look out of the window and see if I can spot any of them and see the costumes.

Every Halloween I always wonder if there are Halloween parties for people who are now too old to trick and treat. I still feel like that is just a mean rule. What ever happened to being able to trick or treat at any age. I like dressing up too and I like sweets too. They are two of my favourate things in life actually. Most of the adult-centric ‘fun’ means nothing to me because I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t party all night in clubs.

My idea of fun is dressing up, amusement parks, cosplay etc. This makes Halloween one of my favourate holidays besides Christmas. Unfortunately however, just because I find the rules stuffy and mean for the ones caught between, like me, it does not mean they disappear.

So, window watching it is for me.

In-world however it’s another story and one of the good things about the virtual world. There are always parties and hunts to do and virtual avatars to dress up in scary costumes. Yes, you get to dress up and be surrounded by people equally dressed up. It’s like a virtual anime convention.

Last time it was Halloween I did the Second Life Creepy Crawl, at least the part of it I could and that was so much fun. I will be looking forward to joining it again. This time I hope to get to it early now that I know it is coming. Last time I wasn’t aware of it. I stumbled on the information. Will you be coming to it too? we can gush over our costumes together.

In the mean time I’m going to leave you with the credits to today’s post featuring Asteroid Box’s Epiphany gacha and Kustom9 entry. Enjoy! As always do not forget that after the event these items will be available to pick up in the mainstore.



Face Mask: [AsteroidBox] Grim Mask (unrigged) @Epiphany

Top: [AsteroidBox] Grim Top – Purple (maitreya,hourglass,petite,v-tech) @Epiphany

Skirt: [AsteroidBox] Ayla Skirt –comes with panties (maitreya,legacy,hourglass,freya) @Kustom9

Gun holster garter: [AsteroidBox] Grim Garter gun – Black (maitreya,hourglass) @Epiphany

Boots: [AsteroidBox] Grim Boots -Black (maitreya,hourglass) @Epiphany

Hammer: [AsteroidBox] Grim Hammer – Black (unrigged) @Epiphany


*all above items have been kindly provided by creator for blogging/review purposes.

**body used in today’s post is the maitreya lara


Supporting Cast

Jacket: [Miwa] Mei Belt Jacket – Black

Hair: [Doux] Cordelia Hairstyle

Cross garter: [Insomnia Angel] Malpractice 4 trisomy garter – lilac

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