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Here’s another credits only post this time featuring Ionic’s new gacha set at Equal 10. Isn’t it cute? Credits ahoy!

Here is a bonus, the outside view of the building.  I initially started decorating from the outside in and took pictures of the outside before actually decorating indoors. I prefered the indoor picture so the outside one below wasn’t uploaded to flickr. It would probably never have been uploaded here either but hey…why not you deserve a treat :p


The following listed items are by [Ionic] and from the ‘Chill Out’ gacha set available at {@Equal10}

Build: [Ionic] Chill out – RARE 34li

Shelf: [Ionic] Wooden geometrical shelf 5li

Bookshelf: [Ionic] Plaster bookshelf 6li

Plant 1: [Ionic] Painted plant – yellow 3li

Plant 2: [Ionic] Painted plant – orange 3li

Plant 3: [Ionic] Painted plant – magenta 3li

Screen: [Ionic] Minimalist background 3li

Teardrop shaped hanging plant: [Ionic] Geometry balance – plant 2li

Hanging plants: [Ionic] Creatures from the sea – (hanging plants) 4li

Table setting for 3: [Ionic] Chill out – (for 3) 12li

Table setting for 2: [Ionic] Chill out – (for 2) 5li

Candles: [Ionic] Color candles 5li

Monstera plant in glass jar: [Ionic] Monstera deliciosa 4li


Extra items featured…

Glowy path: [+Half Deer+] Starry Surface Prim {@Mainstore}

Hanging flowers: [+Half Deer+] Hanging Dried Flowers – Spring – Single Long 1li each {@Mainstore}

Hanging lace: [Ionic] Hanging Lace Drapes 2li {@Mainstore}

Ladder bookshelf: [Ionic] Ladder Books 5li {@Mainstore}

Tea cup stack: [+Half Deer+] Sakura Tea Party – Cup Stack 1li {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Path (outdoors): [Apple Fall] Whitehall Pathway

Fencing: [Apple Fall] Park Fence

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