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Botanical Study

Botanical Study

With a credits only post today, we’re having more botanical studies on a houseboat on the edge of a linden sea…somewhere.



Desk and cupboard set: [Fancy Decor] Desk & Cabinets v. 2 3li @Mainstore

Book on table: [ keke ] seven secrets 1li @Mainstore

Pencil Holder: [Fancy Decor] Pencil Holder v.2 1li @Mainstore

Letter: [Fancy Decor] Letter Opener v.2 1li @Mainstore

Paper tray: [Fancy Decor] Mail Basket v.2 1li @Mainstore

Chair: [ keke ] office chair . dark 2li @Mainstore

Bulb: [ keke ] hard to find bulb . long 3li each @Mainstore

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Hanging vines: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 3li

Curtains: [Apple Fall]  Milton Curtains 5li per pair

Cat bowl plant (white): [Dust Bunny] quirky planters 2 . kitty planter 1li

Cat bowl plant (top shelf): [Dahlia] Joy – Lucky Kitten Planter – Brown 10 2li

Bottom bowl plant: [Dust Bunny] quirky planters 2 . lady vase 2li

Cake: [Apple Fall] Apple Fall Kiwi & Blueberry Cheesecake 1li

Side table: [Dust Bunny] blanket storage table 2li

Large plant: [Dust Bunny]  potted cheese plant 4li

Panel: [West Village] Maynard Paneling, Straight – Dark Stain 1li each

Plant above paper tray:[Dust Bunny]  Hoya plant

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