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Bloom with me

Spring is so amazing! I love all the lovely gentle weather we’ve been having and feeling entirely in the Spring mood I have made a post full of floral delights. It features quite a lot of items from Bloom Event, hence the title too. It also features a little from Soiree and a little from Shiny Shabby.

If like me you love flowers so much you hoard their virtual representations with gusto, then Bloom is completely the event for you. Fancy Decor has these lovely tulips in beautifully fine porcelain vases and the flowers come in a range of colours. There is even one with multi coloured blooms. Up close they are so pretty I won’t blame you if you need a moment to sit and just follow every exquisite line. I had to. The chairs are also from this event and are by Refuge. They are so pretty they instantly made me think of a garden tea party. They actually built the scene around themselves.

it gave me thoughts of grass and flowers and garden parties with pretty floral and polka-dot bunting. The lights also from Refuge is this pictures version of that. Bunting. See what I did there?

The lovely cabinet inside the shed is also by Fancy Decor and available at Soiree, it comes with the beautiful gold based lamp on the side and the lovely candles on the centre table. To finish off the image there are the fun balloons by keke with lovely little confetti hearts inside. Finally to really immerse yourself in spring and it’s blooming flowers, the rare outfit by Sorumin has an armful of more beautiful tulips. The world is now nothing but flowers, sunshine and happiness. Sigh, this is my happy place.




Outfit: [Sorumin] 01 RARE -Sorumin- Fleur GACHA -Costume&Bouquet- Maitreya @Shiny Shabby


Tulips in Porcelin Vases (foreground) : [Fancy Decor] Dutch Tulipiere (mix) 3li @Bloom

Tulips in Porcelin Vases (On Dark wood cabinet): [Fancy Decor] Dutch Tulipiere (Purple) (Striped) 3li each @Bloom

Tulips on floor of shed: [Fancy Decor] Dutch Tulipiere (yellow) 3li @Bloom

Tulips on inside door of shed: [Fancy Decor] Dutch Tulipiere (mix) 3li @Bloom

Tulips on white cabinet: [Fancy Decor] Dutch Tulipiere (White) (Pink)  3li @Bloom


Pink Chair: [Refuge] Lissanna Chair Pastel Pink 8li @Bloom

White Chair: [Refuge] Lissanna Chair Off White 8li @Bloom

Blue Chair: [Refuge] Refuge – Lissanna Chair Pastel Blue 8li @Bloom

Table: [Refuge] Lissanna Pedestal Table Off White 2li  @Bloom


On table…

Plate: [Fancy Decor] Dutch Stroopwafels 1li @Bloom

Candles: [Fancy Decor] Kelsey Candle 1li each @Soiree

Empty glass: [Fancy Decor] Dutch Roemer Glass 1li @Bloom

Tile: [Fancy Decor]Dutch 18th c. Tile 1li @Bloom


Cabinet (dark wood): [Fancy Decor] Dutch Cabinet 3li  @Bloom

Cabinet (white wood): [Fancy Decor] Kelsey Cabinet Console 2li @Soiree

Table lamp: [Fancy Decor] Kelsey Lamp 1li @Soiree


Balloon (Pink): [ keke ] starry balloon . blush 1li @mainstore

Balloon (yellow): [ keke ] starry balloon . gold 1li @mainstore

Balloon (silver): [ keke ] starry balloon . silver 1li @mainstore


String lights: [Refuge] Lissanna Prism Lights 5li @Bloom


*all above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging / review purposes.

 HQ flickr version click here


Supporting Cast


Hair flower: [LODE] Head Accessory – Vanilla Single [white]

Hair: [Moon] Hair. // Unwritten [size 1]

Daisies in kettle on the ground: [Granola] Willow Teapot Planter. Garden Green. 3li @Bloom

Greenhouse: [Half-Deer] The Heart Greenhouse (wood floor) 35li @Collabor88

Wood Divider: [floorplan] door backdrop / rustic 18li

Indoor green plant inside shed: {vespertine}- birds of paradise palm 4li

Lace curtains: [knickknack] Lace Curtain 1li

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