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So, I got my dates wrong and I’ve been working a day ahead on my week. I don’t know why but funnily enough today is the only day I realised I’ve been working in two parts. A part of me that has been working a day ahead and one that has been working in the correct days. Strangely I feel like both were existing at the same time too. I’ve been completely thrown off my usual schedule and I think it’s because I’ve got alot of strings to keep a hold of this week.

Tommorow is finally my dentist appointment, fingers crossed for that. I might not be feeling too hot later in the day so I am deciding to write this up at 12:13 midnight. You could technically say it’s morning now but you know what I mean. Today, then, is my appoinment. Am I bricking it? why yes, yes I am. I’m stupidly terrified of what I do not know because I do not know what it will be like. Honestly I would like it over and done with. Then again…since it isn’t hurting right now…maybe it wouldn’t hurt again? I could technically cancel still…

Today’s image is a decor one. I can’t take credit for it though. The product image gave me the idea and I knew exactly where I wanted to place the furniture. In thinking that I also thought, ah! I know exactly what I want on the wall too. I know of the very thing that would fit so perfectly you would think they were all birthed at the same time. The console had this empty space between that said ‘put things on me’ and I wanted to obey it’s call.

The sliding door decor is by Kraftwork and so are the decor items and books on and below the console table. I also thought that the pouf would be wonderful in the middle. I was initially going to set it in the middle but it turned out to be a bigger pouf than I realised. It’s going to be fantastic for laying over or curling up on. Since this is a strictly decor post the puppies are hogging up all the good space instead. So jealous.

I love the arches in the console table, I just wanted to mention that. I would have stuck them full of more books but I decided less was more. I will be the first to admit though that it was hard to resist cluttering up the place like the clutter fiend I am. I can be good for like…five minutes.


Items by Fancy Decor and available [@Fameshed}

Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Metro Lamp LI: 1
Chairs: [Fancy Decor] Metro Chair LI: 3
Console table: [Fancy Decor] Metro Console LI: 2
Picture frame on wall: [Fancy Decor] Metro Art LI: 1
Rug: [Fancy Decor] Metro Rug LI: 1

Items by KraftWork {@Mainstore} and {@Anthem}

Agate stand: [KraftWork] Provence Agate Stand LI: 1
World globe: [KraftWork] Provence Decorative Globe LI: 1
Books: [KraftWork] Provence Decorative Books LI: 1
Sliding door with shelves and pictures: [KraftWork] Faux Sliding Door Industrial . Oak Dark LI: 5 (@Anthem)
Pouf: [KraftWork] Rounded Pouf LI: 6

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Plant in foreground: [vespertine] potted monstera thai constellation. LI: 3
Plant used in background: [vespertine] potted alocasia micholitziana. LI: 4
Backdrop: [Foxcity] x HoS Photo Booth – Bae Window (Rez) LI: 26
Puppies: [Foxwood] Bulldog pup LI:2 (each)

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