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Blinding lights

Blinding lights

Hi everyone! I’m here a day later than I wanted to be but I really needed to catch up on real-life work which meant having to sacrifice a day. It was not letting me go. Every time I thought ‘finally, I can leave’ something else would come in. It doesn’t stop but I have a day off coming up soon and I’m so excited. Let’s have a virtual house party! A 24 hour SL marathon party. Now I’ve said that I wonder if those exist…

But no, focus! Let’s chat about today’s post. I might have had a little too much fun again. I played with the lighting a little. I wanted to make it feel cosy and intimate. Yes, we are still all feeling loved up. The closer we get to Valentine I mean, doesn’t it give you the warm fuzzies even if just for aesthetics. I don’t think I’m the only hopeless romantic. It’s a strange thing to be when I’m mostly a pragmatic realist. I’m that ‘sensible’ one they leave in charge. Booo, I know. Anyway, if you would like to see what it looked like before I started playing with lighting and overlays I’ve included unedited shots below. Look how pretty. This is where I stick hearts over my eyes because I do love beautifully made things.

I’m using a set from Fancy Decor which I loved so much because of these side shelves on the sofa. I didn’t know I had a thing for this sort of sofas. Who knew! I just really like the fact that they double up as decorative storage spots. I spent an inordinate amount of time fussing over that area trying to decide what I could put there that would make it more interesting. I usually default to my ‘let’s add plants everywhere’ state. That is just who I am.

This time, however, I wanted to put something other than just plants and therein came the amazing clutter from KraftWork. They are a simmers dream because there are a lot of clutter pieces they make that I wish I could put in my Sims’ home. All the clutter things so far have been so fun. I’m still trying to get over the cute bathroom items that Fancy Decor had last time. 

Oh, speaking about  Fancy Decor, they had a re-jig of the sim and I believe it is open now. I haven’t been able to see it yet but I’ll bet my bottom dollar (Pound, really. It just doesn’t sound as good when you say bottom pound) that it looks so really cool. If you haven’t seen it then beat me there because I’m not free to do so for hours yet. No spoilers! I want the ‘oooooo‘ feeling I’m going to get to be fresh and new. I wish I could have attended the party but wow, my computer does NOT like parties at the moment. It only lasts about 20 mins before everything goes to pot.

So back to today’s post, let me take you through all the credits. I hope you liked the images so far because it’s time to delve into the shopping list. Here’s a pen.


L-shaped sofa: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Sectional Sofa (adult) 11Li {@Fameshed}
Center table: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Coffee Table 1Li {@Fameshed}
Picture frames: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Painting (texture change) 1Li {@Fameshed}
Rug: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Rug 2Li {@Fameshed}
Standing lamp: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Floor Lamp 3Li {@Fameshed}
Hanging lights: [KraftWork] Light Curtain – Center 6li each (used 3 pieces for image) {@Mainstore}

Basket: [FD & Commoner] Indio Basket 1Li {@Mainstore}
Frame in basket: [KraftWork] Interior Designer Clutter . Wooden Profiles 3Li {@Mainstore}
Bowl: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Bowl 1Li {@Fameshed}
Remote control: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Remote 1Li {@Fameshed}
Fabric Swatches: [KraftWork] Interior Designer Clutter Various Tiles Examples 1Li {@Mainstore}
Open book of swatches: [KraftWork] Interior Designer Clutter . Fabric Choices 2Li {@Mainstore}
Plant in glass jar: [KraftWork] Heart Wreath Jar Full 1Li {@Mainstore} **GroupGift*
Stack of white magazines with earphones: [FD & Commoner] Slater Magazines 1li {@Mainstore}
Small stack of white magazines on center table: [Fancy Decor] Russell Magazine Stack 1li {@Mainstore}

Cup/Mug: [FD & Commoner] Pride Mug (Rainbow) 1Li {@Mainstore}
Sandwich: [FD & Commoner] 23 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Sandwich 2Li (gacha item) {@Mainstore}
Jug with cups on tray: [Fancy Decor] Madsen Pitcher Tray 1Li {@Fameshed}
Tray of clutter: [KraftWork] Interior Designer Clutter . Mood & Samples Box 2Li {@Mainstore}
Standing book stack: [FD & Commoner] Indio Books 1Li {@Mainstore}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Potted plant on center table: Mithral * Tabletop Trio (Pack C)
White pot plant: dust bunny . hoya plant 2Li
Hanging plant over windows: Mithral * Caged String of Hearts (White) 9Li






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