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Because we love indoor plants

Because we love indoor plants

Today’s post is a credits only post and I promise to try not to say too much. This is because it will also have lots of images all up in here. In the mean time, hang on in there everyone. The weekend is half way done.

It’s another home and garden post, I know how you all love those and I’ve been missing them. There is also just something about filling the room with an obscene amount of foliage that makes me happy.

theres just something about plants close 1theres just something about plants close 2

Can I explain it? Nope. Does it always look amazing to me? yes. Maybe I’m really a flora baby. I like to think I’m a water baby. Yet I can’t swim and water scares me as well as fishes, whales, sharks anything that is able to swim or float freely in the water where I am at a disadvantage. So maybe that means I have more of an affinity with plants and green. They make me happy too. Then again I hate bugs, moss….rotten leaves…so maybe not?

theres just something about plants close 3

It is possible though to control the environment of your beloved plants so there aren’t any horrid bugs to deal with. Pollinate the outside environment. Leave my seedlings and indoor plants to me let me care for them. So maybe…just maybe I really am a plant baby.

Or maybe I just talk to much because I’m sure just above I said that I wouldn’t talk too much because it was a credits only post. Oops. Hehe. Here’s something neat though, the wood panels along the wall are part of a gate set by Fancy Decor. I have used them here as a wall panel decor because I thought they really suited. They would make a great headboard too. Even for hanging pictures or sticking Polaroids to. There’s a lot more to it than just a fence. However I will show it as a fence soon too.



Glass display cabinets: [Fancy Decor] Display Cabinet (wood, white, black) 5li *you can unlink the inner shelves and glass. Or heck just have magically floating glass shelves or a very large glass display with no shelves. Amazing right? Get it at… {@Uber} {mainstore}

Wall panels: [Fancy Decor] Smith Fence Panel – large (dark) 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

♡  Chairs: [ChiMia] Derbyshire Armchair (PG) [White] 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Mini table: [ChiMia] Derbyshire Side Table [Rose Gold] 1li  {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Statue on table: [ChiMia] Tiki Head Statuette [Rough Painted] 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Magazine stack under table: [ChiMia] Magazine Stack [Light] 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Potted Bonsai between chairs: [Soy] Oriental Plants [wooden stand] 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Potted Bonsai’s stool: [Soy] Oriental Plants [wooden stand] 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Background plants (behind white drawer): [Soy] Oriental Plants [potted fruticosa] 3li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}


Carpet: [ keke ] rug 43 . deer . cream 2li {mainstore}

Stack of books: [ keke ] book-s-table . white 1li {mainstore}

Bulb/lamp on table: [ keke ] slim bulb lamp . copper . turn light on and off 2li *resizable {mainstore}

Large picture frame (put your own image in): [ keke ] zen frame . dark 1li {mainstore}

White drawer with flowers: [ keke ] refurbished spring drawer – white 4li {mainstore}

Plants in display that are by KEKE…(middle display)

Top shelf: [ keke ] zen weeds 1li {mainstore}

Middle shelf: [ keke ] zen gingko plant 1 1li {mainstore}

Middle shelf: [ keke ] zen orbuculum sphere . gold 2li {mainstore}



Polaroid frame with vine: [Kotte] ivy polaroid frame 9li {mainstore}

Stack of cases on top of white drawer: {what next} Aston Accessories Case – closed 1li {mainstore}

Plants in third display (near wall):Middle– [Refuge] Green Thumb Crate Planter 1li

Plants in third display (near wall):Bottom – [Refuge] Green Thumb Plant Something Box 1li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

 Hanging bulbs: [ Tarte ]  hanging light A 1li

Hanging vines: [hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li each

Honey Jar: [Madras] Honey Jar 1li

Large table behind chairs: [Apple Fall] Holyoke Dining Table – Aged Oak 2li

Plants in middle display (bottom shelf): [dust bunny]watermelon vibes . planter . b 2li and [dust bunny] quirky planters 2 . dino planter 1li and [dust bunny] quirky planters 2 . owl planter 1li

Top shelf of first display: [Ariskea] Fluffy Eucalyptus Plant [Yellow vase] 1li

Middle shelf of first display: [Dahlia] Lazy Days – Vintage Clock – Copper .06 1li, [Dahlia] Conjure – Dried Herbs – Belladonna 1li, [dust bunny]  tabletop plants . fiddle leaf branch 1li

Bottom shelf of first display case: [dust bunny] elephant ear plant 3li *resized smaller

Plants in third display (near wall): top–  [dust bunny]  hoya plant 2li, Bottom – [dust bunny]  quirky planters 2 . kitty planter 1li


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