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Bears love being brushed

Bears love being brushed

Much like kitties, my Bear likes being brushed. Just pick up a brush and have a go, watch her melt into a gooey puddle of relaxation. Then again, I might also be talking about myself I don’t know anymore. It is probably a trait we share equally.

When I set up the room I hadn’t first envisioned it with her in the scene. It was going to be just a decor only scene but then I had the thought of her on the chair brushing at her hair. It hadn’t meant to be so sultry no but look what happened! isn’t she just too precious for words though. It was helped by Stardust’s pose which is for something completely different and yet worked so perfectly in a scene I hadn’t really at first pictured it in.

It is a fantasy pose and works well for fantasy style images and yet look at it in an everyday scene. It is not however by itself as it is combined slightly with the pose from the detangling brush by SEmotion.

Or…Maybe the chair is just too comfortable, between that and the feeling of hair being brushed she melted the pose (that’s so not what happened but I like to imagine it is, imagination is good).

I really love this set by Madras, it was the starting point of the whole image this time. Everything was built around it and isn’t it just gorgeous. I love the style of the chair for it. Most vanities have either got a foot stool style chair or a high back non-wheeled chair. This was different for me and I really like it. Did you know this set comes in black too? Because it does.

I even love all the little table top items that comes with the set, so much so I didn’t put anything else on the table just because they just had to be seen alone. That’s where the table set by What Next comes into it’s own. Not only is it beautifully complimentary with it’s delicately stylised legs but I love the marble style top to it as well. The coffee and the beautiful roses in the tray are also part of the set.

As it is a languid morning it looks like some of the bear-kin are still asleep and she is still in her nightdress. The silk and lace trimmed dress is by Sorumin and it does indeed come in other colours. Dark sexy colours like a rich dark blue, sexy black and more. It’s available at the Flora event and guess what?? Again we are in for a treat and it covers five bodies. Five! Check out the credits below to see the list.


brush my hair close website.jpg



Parfait (Kurimu) is wearing…

Dress: [Sorumin] Satin Party Dress (Legacy, Freya, Isis, Maitreya,Hourglass) @Flora

Brush: [SEmotion & Foxy] Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Detangling Brush P/W’ @Mainstore

Pose: [Stardust] Guardian 4 – bento pose @mainstore

Skin: [Mudskin] Bong Yi – Bare Skin Set (genus) RARE


Decor items…

Vanity Table: [MADRAS] Maria Vanity Table White 5li @Uber

Vanity Chair: [MADRAS] Maria Vanity Chair White 4li @Uber


List of items on vanity table (from foreground to the wall)…


Coffee table: {what next} Bailey Coffee Table 1 2li @mainstore

Tray: {what next} Bailey Tray 1li @mainstore

Roses: {what next} Bailey Roses Decor 1li @mainstore

Coffee cup: {what next} Bailey Coffee Cup 1li @mainstore

White vase with tall flower: [MADRAS]  Madras Maria Flower Vase Decor Pink 2li @Uber


Rug: [Kalopsia] – Serene’s Rug 1li

Bear: [MishMish] – Teddy Bear – Sleeping / Latte 1li @mainstore


*All of the above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**My avatar is using the Belleza Freya mesh body and the Genus Baby mesh head in today’s image.



Supporting Cast


Hair: [tram] G0819 hair

Necklace: [e.marie] Cupcake Necklace – Gold { uber gift }

Blush & Freckles: [Just Magnetized] Eye blush (omega)

Clothing rack: [dust bunny] clothing rack . colorful 18li

Picture frame: [ACORN] Perfume Art -Pink 1li

Kitty bed: 12. [Lagom] – cat-ccecories 2.0 [ Softbed Blue ] 1li *gacha item

Table clutter: [Con & Dust Bunny] Gracie Living Room – Bag Clutter 3li

Boxes under Vanity table: [ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Hatboxes 1li

Bathbombs under Vanity table: 19. [Lagom] – Sakura bathroom [ Bathbomb Lotus ] 1li

Doughnuts on table: [.random.Matter.] – Garden Party – Donuts 1li *gacha item

Basket: [Con & Dust Bunny] Gracie Living Room – Blanket Basket 2li

Building: [Scarlet Creative] – The Arcade – Annelise Cottage RARE 170li

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