Bears are made cuddly

Bears are made cuddly

I think this qualifies as not safe for work simply for the fact that you probably wouldn’t want this on your screen at your work place because ‘cleavage’ and ‘undergarments’ right? but it is also rather sultry so yes not for work.

However, if you have been looking after yourself properly you will be safely ensconced withing your home and not need to worry about viewing Bears in underwears. See how that rhymed? No it’s not a typo that was deliberate, honest.

I think I’m still on a high for having been able to finally make a video in so long. I mean it had been such a long time since I had that anything would have done for me. Just to get into the groove of recording something regardless of the constant interruptions. The fact that it was sale shopping day was just the icing on the cake. I want to now go and unpack my owl in the short moments before I have to come up with another post for tomorrow.

The weather has also become quite sunny so that’s helping me feel very good too. It is not however giving me any inspiration. I feel tapped out ideas wise but the next post will more likely be featuring home and decor. Salem is open and I really really truly got to be a blogger for this round.

Every now and then some things come along that simultaneously scare you and excite you all at the same time. The last time I remember feeling this way was first when I blogged the Candy Fair. I was so very excited and then absolutely terrified when I got over the euphoria of being chosen. The next one was the Cupid Event, that terrified and exhilarated me too. Now it’s Salem.

You’ll have to wait till tomorrow however to see if it’s a home & decor or a fashion post. I might be suddenly hit with inspiration. I’ve been working so hard this month that I might actually brain-splode if I stop for a breather.

For today here is my Bear featuring one of the beautiful lingerie pieces down at Frou Frou which is still running. It’s coming up to the cross over point and you still have till 8th of the next month. That means I have till then to tempt you with beautiful lingerie pieces. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. Today’s piece is by Vincue which I was amazed to open up and find included a size for Freya. I had to go through it a second time just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.

But no, it was true! I love Vincue so finding a Belleza size in the pack was like a gift. I’m going to go and see what else has a Freya in it. Time to collect some Vincue goodness again. It’s been so long! I was still under the impression the store still only covered Maitreya and Hourglass/slink.

I got the glasses from Asteroid Box this is from the 50/50 event for September. You only have one day left to grab them as the event will end on the 30th which is tommorow. The limited version is sold out now but the Regular versions (which my avatar is wearing) are still available. I’ve got on the colours pack which also has a nice gradient colour too.

The Theia Glasses are exclusively for the AsteroidBox 50/50 mainstore event which began at 12pm noon SLT on September 1st and runs for the duration of one month. If you pop down today it’s still only 95 linden. I checked, tommorow however I can’t promise they will be the same.

So go grab them while they are at 50% discount as this will end once the month is over. For full info about the 50/50 event please see the blog post here:



Glasses: [AsteroidBox] Theia Glasses @Mainstore (50/50 event)

Lingerie: [Vincue] @Frou Frou

Hair: [Stealthic] Sultry @Collabor88

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**mesh body used in today’s post is the Belleza Freya and the Genus Mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Nose plaster: [BonBon] band aid – long B face (unrig)

Skin: [Deetalez] Yamrika (using the ‘curvy’ body applier)

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