Bear as Nurse Tamsy

Bear as Nurse Tamsy

This adorable set is from Tentacio’s gacha at the arcade. This was so much fun. I love the outfit, it just appeals to something ever cutesy and anime loving in me. What can I say. It’s also not a secret anymore, my love affair with pink. I confess it. I am a Pink-a-holic. Nothing can save me now and I do not wish to be saved. Kurimu is moe as heck. You know this. You followed the link.

The really cool glasses are from another gacha at the Arcade, this time Bleich. Their gacha set Country Roads is about as far from this cute pink world as you can get and yet I found the glasses worked really well for me with this outfit. There’s something cheeky about it. Like that girl that always has to wear googles with everything!

The glasses come with a HUD that allows you to have the dark lenses up or down over the glasses. Another really neat addition to the picture are the nails from TSG. A bargain play at 50 lindens a go for some extra long, wonderfully girlish nails to fit your Maitreya bento hands. I hadn’t realised I liked nails that long till I put these gloriously pink ones on.

Maybe it’s just these I can’t get enough of. Perhaps it’s because they are just not shy at all and unabashedly in your face. Look at them, look! They are gloooorious. Want to try? Today’s one of those days where you’re going to jump into something you haven’t tried. Just to see what the fuss is all about.

Here come the credits…



The following listed items are from THE ARCADE June Round currently running

Location: HERE


Hat: [Tentacio] Nurse hat pink (unrigged)

Necklace: [Tentacio] necklace pink (unrigged)

Coat/Dress: [Tentacio] nurse dress pink (Maitreya only)

Bra: [Tentacio] nurse top blue (Maitreya only)

Panties: [Tentacio] nurse thong blue (Maitreya only)

Garter: [Tentacio] band leg pink (unrigged)

Staff: [Tentacio] nurse staff (unrigged)

Stethoscope: [Tentacio] stethoscope pink (unrigged)

Name badge: [Tentacio] nurse tag (unrigged)

Floating items: [Tentacio] medical halo (unrigged)


Glasses: 13. [Bleich] – Country Roads – Silent D Sunglesses – Rose Gold


Nails: [TSG] Bento Nails – Stiletto Shape – Strawberry Milk (Maitreya)



Items from the mainstore are listed as follows….


Pose: [Stardust] Guardian 03 Bento Pose @MAINSTORE



Supporting Cast


Tights: [Milk Tea] Snow Bear Stockings applier (Maitreya, Omega, Belleza, Slink)

Hair: [Doux] Angelica Hairstyle

Ears: [Half Deer] Bear Ears (Milk Tea)

Skin: [Deetalez] Viktoria (genus)

Background: [Foxcity] Pastel Love Gacha – 3 – B. School Of Hard Pinks RARE 36li


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