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Satomi and I are beachin buddies for today and we’ve commandeered this really cool paddling pool by Marushin available at The Seasons Story. You’ll actually love it because it is perfectly cute. I love the colour of it but more so the animation that goes with it. It was so unexpected that I couldn’t believe she just did what she did.

I am tempted to let you find out for yourself what it does but oooo I want to tell you so bad, so I’m going to tell you anyway so ya. Anyway, it starts out flat and has this absolutely adorable animation that makes your avatar pump up the paddling pool. When it’s all blown up it fills with water and your avatar then climbs oh so daintily into the water. It’s so CUTE! It’s so friggin cute, I can’t.

You have to try it. It is part of a gacha set and the one we are in is the number 17 RARE. It takes two people and has friends poses as well as couple poses. It also has male and female single sit poses. All the items around are also from the gacha and I will list them below. They are all so perfect for your summer beach scene.

What is a hot summer without Ice lollies and Slushies? A very thirsty one that’s for sure and because no one should have to choose, why not have both. I have a yummy slushie drink from ChicChica @Collabor88 and a beautifully presented and no doubt delicious Ice lolly from TeaBunny. If you want one you’ll have to grab some yourself because Bears just like Joeys, do not share food.


beachin buddies close up one




Parfait is wearing…

Hair: [tram] H1020 hair

Swimsuit: [ONDO] Twinkle Summer # 3 (Maitreya) *gacha item @The Seasons Story

Slushie: [ChicChica] Slushy HOLD @Collabor88

Ice Lolly: [TeaBunny] Mermaid Delightsicle @The Seasons Story

Earrings: [ bubble ] Hearts Cascade Earring @The Seasons Story


Beachin buddies close up two


Satomi is wearing…

Swimsuit: [Sakura] Akemi top and bottoms (freya, maitreya, isis) @Collabor88

Glasses: [Schadenfreude] Cat Eye Glasses @Collabor88

Bear Hair clip: [n.a.p] Bearsicle Clip @The Seasons Story

Pose: [Serendipity] Azalea 1 (mirror) – bento pose @Mainstore


Flamingo: [MishMish] Flamingo – Candy – ground 3 @Collabor88



Items in scene from Beach House Gacha set by Marushin @The Seasons Story

#1[MRS]Watermelon Pool[Blue] 1li

#15[MRS]WaterTap with hose 2li

#5[MRS]Float&BeachBall 3li

#7[MRS]SurfBoardRack[A] 5li

#4[MRS]Float with Signboard 2li

#17RARE[MRS]Wading pool[B] 2li

#18ULTRARARE[MRS]Beach House 45li


Supporting Cast


Skin by Mudskin – Kiyoha 102 *gacha item

Satomi’s hair is by Sintiklia *gacha item


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