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I can’t believe I finally got this image up. This one really made me work for it. Everytime I took a picture, edited it and thought it finalised I would notice an error. I don’t know what was going on but it was like it was jinxed. I felt fairly stupid since these were always dumb little errors. I finally made it the fifth time, I spent so much time I was sick of editing the same picture over and over again.

I started off with the yellow one, which you will see below in some of the close up shots but then I thought…actually I don’t like the finished product. I need to try again with different windlights. I did that but then decided actually Blue might pop more than Yellow. So I changed it out for the Blue shed and took it again. That would have been fine if I hadn’t decided while taking shots to move the calender slightly off. I completely forgot I did that and so naturally I had to do it all over again.

summer vibes crop 3

And I did. Only to realise having edited again that I had done it wrong…again. Ughhh by this time I was struggling with my slow computer. I had somehow managed to get the glass wedged into the counter top! How? why?! what?? How did I manage to get through editing, right to the end…to the point of thinking ‘yes, I can upload it now‘ before noticing this glaring error.

The computer was extra-ordinarily slow because I had neglected to clean up in two months. Let me tell you the psd files soon take up a lot of space. This meant I had to try and clean up  because having to take the picture again in high settings meant it crashed me out of Firestorm all the time.

More hair pulling ensued.

summer vibes crop 2

summer vibes crop 1

Cleaning up and transfering all my files ended up taking an hour and 30 minutes and that was just a rush job. This meant waiting…and waiting…while my usual posting time passed jauntily on by. All I could do was sit and grit my teeth.

So when I was finally able to get back in, start again and complete the image, night had arrived and here we are. All I wanted to do was show you the pretties. All laid out in a lovely fashion. Look, there’s even inviting food and drink. Have a look through the credits because it is a Lagom-Fancy Decor -Keke party and I’m so worn out I won’t be much helpf from here on out. Not till I get some sleep at least.

Also because…omgyouhavenoideahowlongthistookIliterallydiedkthxbye.


Calendar: [Lagom] Doodle Calendar LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Mini Bar: [Fancy Decor] Patio Bar LI: 4 {@Mainstore}
Martini glass: [Fancy Decor] Denes Martini LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Bar stools: [Fancy Decor] Patio Bar Stool LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Red wine glass: [Fancy Decor] Merlot Wine Glass LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Wine bottle: [Fancy Decor] Merlot Bottle LI: 1 {@Mainstore}

Bar: [Lagom] The beach bar [ Blue ] LI: 13 {@TLC}
Radio: {What Next} Summertime Radio Decor LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Surfboard: {what next} Surfboard Wall Decor LI: 2 {@Mainstore}

Ice Lollies in mini bucket: {what next} Lemonade Ice Pops-Group Gift LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Bottle lights: [ keke ] bottle lights on a string . dark wood LI: 7 {@Mainstore}
Plant on stool: [ keke ] big garden planter . white LI: 2 {@Mainstore}
Plant on side of bar: [ keke ] tall garden planter . orange LI: 5 {@Mainstore}
Leaves on ground: [ keke ] summer leaves 1 . L . hard LI: 1 {@Mainstore}

Barrels (standing): [IK] Harvest Time – Stand Barrel LI: 1 {@Mainstore}
Barrels (laying): [IK] Harvest Time – Liying Barrel LI: 1 {@Mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Beer glass: [O.M.E.N] Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Glass LI: 1
Beer can: [O.M.E.N] Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Can LI: 1
Cheese tray: [O.M.E.N] Beachside Picnic – Fruit & Cheese Tray LI: 3
Burgers: [O.M.E.N] Beachside Picnic – Mini Sliders LI: 1
Beer cartons: [O.M.E.N] Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Carton LI: 1
Beer Bottle: [O.M.E.N] Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Bottle LI: 1
Fence: [floorplan.] privacy fence / wood LI: 1 per panel

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