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Bear Bathtime

Bear Bathtime

It is such a lovely bath. It’s so bubbly and soft and I think Bear rather wishes she could join in. However, she’s not waterproof. You can’t get her wet. Not at all. Electrical equipment and water do not go well together at all.

It does not stop the little bear-kin from teasing her with the bubbles and tales about just how warm and lovely the water is.

Today’s blog post was written with help from a real life munchkin who just had to have her say. She liked the picture so much that she helped come up with the narrative above.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it with her. Today’s post is featuring Lagom’s gacha set (which is so good I can’t) and sexy eyeliners from AsteroidBox and the cutest, frilliest little bit from Vincue. The plug in tail and ear speakers are by the awesome Sweet Thing who I had such a blast blogging for.

Here come the credits…

bathtime close 1



Eyeliner: [AsteroidBox] Spring Eyeshadow  * on sale on February 15th and will be a part of The Saturday Sale discount event from the 15th – 21st of February for 50L$ only. (Catwa, Genus & Lelutka – no appliers. BOM only) {mainstore}

Ears: [Sweet Thing] Kimecha Ears (Bento) {Mainstore}

Tail: [Sweet Thing] Kimecha Tail (Bento) {Mainstore}

Outfit: [Vincue] Carolie Leotard (Freya, Isis, HG, Maitreya) {@FrouFrou} {Mainstore}

Leg cuffs: [Vincue] Carolie Cuffs (Freya, Isis, HG, Maitreya) {@FrouFrou} {Mainstore}

*Mesh body used…Maitreya

*Mesh head used…Lelutka Nova


Decor…by LAGOM equal10 10th Feb – 5th March

Bath: 03. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Corner Tub Blue PG ] RARE 20Li

Soap Bars: 16. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Bubble Bars ] 1li

Soap bottles: 18. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Hair Care Blue ] 1li

Shelf with products: 27. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Styling Shelf ] 1li

Tied towels: 08. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Guest Towls White ] 2li

Wooden towel ladder: 14. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Towel Rack ] 2li

Cupboard/cabinet: 22. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Cabinet Blue ] *partially pictured 3li

Rose petals/I love you: 15. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Rose Petals ] 1li

Square weight scales: 10. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Scale ] 2li

Laundry basket: 09. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Laundry Basket ] 2li

Sink cabinet: 04. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Sink Blue ] 5li

Cupboard/shelf (above laundry basket): 25. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Privy Shelf Blue ] 2li

Toilet tissue: 13. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Toilet Roll ] 1li

Toothbrushes: 12. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Tooth Brushes ] 1li

Bath bombs: 17. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Bath Bombs ] 1li

Mirror: 28. S.O&L – Romace Respite [ Mirror ] 1li



MishMish– Teddy Bear – Stance A / Latte 1li and MishMish – Teddy Bear – Stance B / Latte 1li


Supporting Cast

Potted plant: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 2li

Hair: [Doux] Mecca

Blush: [Crycom] UwU Blush BOM layer only @marketplace

Pose: [Foxcity] Curves 3m












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