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Baby Pandas


These little pandas are so cute. You would be correct if you raised your hands and went ‘well, MishMish made them, what did you expect?!.

Still though!!

They are eye-wateringly cute. Watching the little heads move from side to side and blink is just happiness in mesh version. There are three types to purchase. The decor versions which has 3 animesh and 3 static pandas. The hold version which comes with a static and an animesh version. The companion which walks, sits and stands by your side. If you aren’t already catching feels just imagining that then you’re definitely a ‘seeing is believing’ sort.

To become a believer simply visit the new Collabor88 round and meet your very own panda friend. As a bear myself I can fully assure you we are incredibly cuddly and affectionate.

The decor in the panda area I made for them is from Keke and Madras. Madras has re-textured and re-released a set from the previous Decocrate box at flourish for such an affordable price you’ll kick yourself if you don’t go down and grab it. It is at Flourish, an event where everything is priced between 70 to 99 lindens.

If you’re dragging your feet because you either don’t believe it or think it will all be low quality just because it’s incredibly affordable…then you will be wrong. Simply go down and check it out for yourself. There are loots of goodies that will leave you thinking it’s too good to be true.

The bridge is by Keke and available at the mainstore. It comes in






Bridge: [ keke ] garden brigde . red 5li @MAINSTORE

Zen garden set by Madras….@ FLOURISH

  • Fountain – [MADRAS] Bamboo Water Fountain Decor 4Li
  • Bonsai tree – [MADRAS] Bonsai & Zen Sand Decor 2li
  • Mini Rock garden – [MADRAS] Stone & Zen Sand Decor 2li


Rocks: [Merak] – Beach Rocks (w/anims) RARE 7li each @THE ARCADE


Supporting Cast


Bamboo trees: taikou / bamboo tree 2li each

Long grass: HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a 1li each patch

Short grass: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- b 1li each patch

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