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Today we’re having a credits only post only because today I’m not feeling very well. I still wanted to show you how much cuteness there was to be had today. I’m so squee about it all because I somewhat modelled her on one of my sim characters. I’ll tell you something for nothing, downstairs at this very moment, there’s a man that has been drilling most of the day. It’s incredibly annoying because he feels like he is right under my feet and it’s ruined most of the day. I want to take the drill and *redacted* in reality I love him very much he is a kind and special individual. I really want him to stop that much.

So, please check out the credits as some items are time sensitive if you want to grab them at the reduced price. Don’t let cute pass you by, we will both end up incredibly sad. Happy Saturday and thank you for checking in!


Horns: [Aerth] Matsuri Oni Horns (did I fall in love with the prefab one as it was? yes, yes I did) {@Sakura Matsuri}
Skin: [Pity Party] Daisy – Lelutka Evo X (BOM only- Flat/Clevage/Small chests; Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya feet; Lel EvoX HD ears Bom; Brow/NoBrow/Monolid options; 4 tones available. Pictured is Tone 4 with Brows Monolid) {@Bloom}
Ear tint: [Cubic Cherry] Soft Kiss – Ears blush Lel Evo X group gift {@Mainstore} (Group Gift)
Tattoo: [Stardust] Olivia – Black Tattoo {@Skin Fair}
Finger tints: [Cubic Cherry] Soft Touch Finger Fades Red (these can be tinted too, since my avatar’s skin is darker I tinted slightly to better match the skin) {@Mainstore}
Bento: [Kotte] Onigiri lunch box  {@Mainstore for Happy Weekend}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.  Mesh body parts used are the Legacy Perky mesh body combined with Lelutka EvoX Briannon mesh head.

Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Paleto] CITY -X23 158li
Hair: [Tram] tram I0510 hair
Robe: [Toksik] Indulgent Robe (Groupgift)
Bindi: [Rawr] Temptress Bindi
Mesh head used: [Lelutka] Briannon Head 3.0
Ears: [Lelutka] Briannon Elf (from same pack as head)
Eyes: [(OO)Yuki] Love You Eyes D Lelutka


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