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Autumn meet Halloween

This was my image from yesterday. I did go to update yesterday but Flickr was down again and being particularly difficult. It kept giving me the bad panda. It’s not the panda’s fault, Flickr. It’s yours. Stop punishing the poor panda. It seems to be finally working again today so I decided I would give it a go. Fingers crossed.

When I was setting up the scene I knew what I wanted, it was a tall order in a way because I wasn’t sure if I would find a lot of similarly coloured items. I wanted a dusk feel but I also wanted it to feel warm and golden from the fire. I wanted it cluttered again, lots of items to see and touch. I also wanted it to feel like a witches cottage even though the cabin I used, by Trompe Loeil, is actually a beautiful light affair of wood, concrete and high windows. There’s even a built in fireplace in it but I am using a different fireplace because it worked for the look I was going for. I’ve been wanting to blog that fireplace for ages and it is huge but god I love it.

All the items featured are from current events and I’m so ready to take you through the credits. Let’s get into it…right after some detail shots! Because you simply have to see the details, you’ll love it. Those tiny little guys are heart melting.

Ready now? here come the credits.



Listing items from left to right, back to front and in sections (rather like a backwards c)…

Building used: [Trompe Loeil] Cubit Modern Cabin 41LI  {@Collabor88}

Inworld shots taken by me
product image on flickr by Creator


Plant (golden pot): [Minimal] Velvet Gold Vase Small Plant 4LI {@Collabor88}

Pumpkin (lighted): [What Next] Short Pumpkin Luminary (copper) 1LI {@Shop and Hop}


Items near and including fireplace…

Fireplace: [Kraftwork] The Georgetown Outdoor Fireplace 13LI {@Salem}

Pompom string across fireplace: [Refuge] 9. Refuge – Halloween Garland A 4LI {@Salem}

Fall sign with lights: [What Next] Copper Fall Sign (w/lights) 1LI {@Mainstore}

Tin bucket of pumpkins: [What Next] Copper Fall Pumpkins 1LI {@Mainstore}

Dark Pumpkin: [What Next] Short Pumpkin Luminary (black) 1LI {@Shop and Hop}

Tall Pumpkin: [What Next] Tall Pumpkin Luminary (orange) 1LI {@Shop and Hop}

Little spirit (peeking): [Half Deer] Peaceful Forest Spirit – Peek over Edge 1LI {@Collabor88}

Cluster of Jars: [Lagom] 10. Lagom – Witches hut [ Jars ]1LI {@Salem}

Frame of butterfly speciments: [Random Matter] Antique Shop II – Specimen 1LI* {@The Arcade}

Ghost in hanging cage: [DaD] 03 – DaD “The Cage Collector Ghost Puppy Cage” 3LI*  {@The Arcade}

Plant behind cage: [KraftWork] The Georgetown Outdoor Fireplace Black Dry Pine Trees 4LI {@Salem}


Items on wall behind chair…

Calender: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – Witches hut [ Calendar ] 1LI {@Salem}

Bats on wall: [ChiMia] ChiMia:: Witching Hour Gacha – 9 Paper Bats Wall Decor 1LI*  {@The Arcade}


Items near the wall…

Chair: [Fancy Decor] Wilson Chair 3LI {@Uber}

Dog bed under chair: [Lagom] 06. Lagom – Witches hut [ Dog-bed ] 1LI {@Salem}

Little Spirit (holding knife): [Half Deer] Vengeful Forest Spirit – Stabby (Peek Around L) 1LI {@Collabor88}

Blanket and pumpkin on chair: [Lagom] 07. Lagom – Witches hut [ Blanket ] 2LI  {@Salem}

Console table: [Refuge] 1. Refuge – Side Table RARE 5LI {@Salem}

Cupcake boxes: [Refuge] 4. Refuge – Sinister Treats Box B and 3. Refuge – Sinister Treats Box A 1LI each {@Salem}

Little spirit (lighting candle): [Half Deer] Vengeful Forest Spirit – Pyro (Peek Around L) 1LI {@Collabor88}

Skull, pumpkin and rose clutter: [Disorderly] Gothic Tales / Mirror 2LI  {@Collabor88}

Pompom String on console: [Refuge] 10. Refuge – Halloween Garland B 4LI {@Salem}

Frame, key, candles and book clutter: [Disorderly] Gothic Tales / Frame 5LI {@Collabor88}


Items on and near the center table…

Rug: [Fancy Decor] Wilson Rug 1LI {@Uber}

Table: [Fancy Decor] Wilson Coffee Table 1Li {@Uber}

Book stack and skull cage clutter: [Disorderly] Gothic Tales / Cage 3LI {@Collabor88}

Stack of bowls: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – Witches hut [ Bowls ] 1LI {@Salem}

Candle stand: [Fancy Decor] Wilson Candle Holder 2LI {@Uber}

Curled snake sculpture: [Schadenfreude] Serpentine Candlestick, up r 1LI {@Collabor88}

Sewing kit box: [Random Matter] Antique Shop II – Sewing Kit 1LI* {@The Arcade}

Wine glass: [Fancy Decor] Merlot Wine Glass 1LI {@Uber}

Crystal ball: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Witches hut [ Crystal ball ] 1LI {@Salem}

Cupcake stand: [Refuge] 2. Refuge – Sinister Treats Cake Stand 1LI {@Salem}

Box of cupcakes: [Refuge] 3. Refuge – Sinister Treats Box A 1LI {@Salem}

Candle with serpant stand: [Schadenfreude] Serpentine Taper Candle, up l 1LI {@Collabor88}


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging review purposes unless denoted by ‘*’ which indicates purchases made.


(For the extra interested) List of books under and behind the chair and table leg…

Fancy Decor: Thomas Book Stack

dust bunny . wiccan book stack

Refuge – Vintage Spring Book Stack

Kalopsia – 4 Book Stack




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