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Autumn Clutter

Autumn Clutter

With Autumn chomping on my heels I’m starting to feel it creeping into my aesthetic again. I have been ignoring the fact that it is here if I am to be completely honest. It is not really one of my favourate seasons simply because it heralds the chill of winter days. I’m not Winter’s best friend. She knows it too.

So when Autumn comes a visiting I tend to be reticent to say hi and be all welcoming but it ends up rubbing off on me anyway. I start to feel like I want to make a comfy warm home, and I end up with a reluctant love for all things autumn. Want to know when I really give in to it? Halloween. Why? because it is the one day you get to be anything you want and the fact that it is pretend doesn’t really matter at all. For one day, everyone plays along with you and you’re no longer the strangest person around.

Thanks to The Arcade however I have managed to set up a scene that’s all autumnal in it’s entirety. Can  you believe The Arcade is full of all this themed furniture when it’s only September still!?

What do you mean the shop aisles have been full of Autumn things for ages now and they’ve moved on to Christmas items?! That’s just impossible. You’re all very very strange. I shall just sit here tutting and shaking my head at you all while I sip my Christmas Coffee.

What a strange bunch you all are. Christmas items…in September. Pft!

Now where are those mince pies again…



The following items are available to pick up at The Arcade and will be listed by Gacha Sets&Creator


By Myrrine – September gacha @THE ARCADE

Table of draws (in background): [Myrrine] Long Cabinet RARE 6li

Tub of plants (on top): [Myrrine] 8 September Gacha – decor 3li

Clay pot of plants on top: [Myrrine] fall leaves vase 3li

Chairs (left): [Myrrine] chair with book 4li

Chairs (right): [Myrrine] chair with treats 6li

Stack of boxes (behind center table): [Myrrine] pile of boxes w a pie 4li

Tray of mushrooms (on center table): [Myrrine] mushroom tray 4li


By Refuge – Luna Collection @THE ARCADE

♡ Candle holder – purple (on table in background): [Refuge] LC Hanging Candles B 1li

Measuring scale style candle holder (in foreground on center table): [Refuge] LC Hanging Candles A 1li

Moon styled mirror: [Refuge] LC Moon Mirror 2li

Glass jar on center table: [Refuge] LC Moon Dust 1li


By Disorderly – Harvest Apples gacha @THE ARCADE

♡ Boxes & apples stack (foreground right): [Disorderly] Harvest Apples / Crates 2li

Ladder & apples: [Disorderly] Harvest Apples / Ladder 3li


By InsureKtion – Harvest time gacha @THE ARCADE

Tub of red apples (in background): [IK] Harvest Time – Apples Basin A 2li

Rack of green apples: [IK] Harvest Time – Harvest Rack 13li

Tray (on center table): [IK] Harvest Time – Cider Tray 3li


By Granola – Gypsy Soul gacha  @THE ARCADE

♡  Pillow – [Granola] Gypsy Soul Pillow V1. Teal 1li


By MudHoney – Photo Rooms Gacha @THE ARCADE

Build: [MudHoney] Photo Room 5 14li


By PewPew 

Pie: (on center table): [Pewpew!] Strawberry Pie Plate (Bento/Decor) 5li


Items by What Next available at Mainstore

Recipe book (on table of draws): [What Next] Country Kitchen Cookbook 1li



Supporting Cast

Table: [Apple Fall] Rustic Cart Coffee Table 3li


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