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Did you know that The Arcade is open? No? good, this is a nice surprise for you then. Yay, now I feel happy that I was the first one to tell you. Well, guess what? sit, sit, let me tell you.

It’s so good again, I was taken  a little bit by surprise when I heard it was on it’s way because I had been somewhat exisiting in a blur of motion. I was also having way too much fun on my week off, that was a good week. I wish I could do it over again. The return to work hasn’t actually been too bad though, I’ve managed to ease my way slowly in. Going back to the issue of The Arcade there was so much gorgeous stuff that obviously my first picture was going to be a home and decor post. Everything is so nice looking. I love this little area as it is but if I am being entirely honest, that chocolate cake would not remain untouched for long.

You ask way too much of me to expect that. While I grab a cake knife, please check out the credits below for a list of all featured items.


Fireplace: [Avexxu] Vitus : Fireplace 4li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Fire: [Avexxu] Vitus : Firepit 2li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Agate (on top of fireplace):  [Avexxu] Vitus : Agate Decor 1li each {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Candles: [Avexxu] Vitus : Candles 4li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Plant 1: [Avexxu] Vitus : Ficus 2li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Palm plant: [Avexxu] Vitus : Palm 4li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Logs: [Avexxu] Vitus : Firewood Cart 2li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Peacock feathers: [Avexxu] Vitus : Peacock Vase 6li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*

Pumpkins: [Avexxu] Vitus : Pumpkins 1li {@The Arcade} *no mainstore found*


Items on table…

♡ Table: [Madras] 01 MADRAS Fish Glass Table Texture Change RARE 2li {@The Arcade}

♡ Tray with cup & plant: [Cinoe] See you tomorrow – Tea set Dark brown 2li {@The Arcade}

♡ Cake slices: [Cinoe] See you tomorrow – Castella 1li {@The Arcade}

♡ Chocolate cake: [ChicChica] TakeCake #7 RARE 3li {@The Arcade}

Lemon cake: [ChicChica] TakeCake #4 RARE 2li {@The Arcade}

Fish vase: [Madras] 16 MADRAS Fish Vase Brass 2li {@The Arcade}

Hat Stand: [Dahlia] Autumn Mood – Hat On Stand – Navy 6 1li {@The Arcade} *


More items from mainstores…

Privacy Screen: [What Next] {wn} Balboa Screen 1li {@Mainstore *50% SALE currently happening till 6th of Sept}

Build: [MudHoney] MudHoney Photo Room 1 22li {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless otherwise denoted with an ‘*’ which were purchased.


Supporting Cast

Carpet: [Apple Fall] Althea Rug – Antique Dark 2li each

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