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At the dinning table

At the Dining table

Some more items from The Arcade! If you haven’t been you sure are running out of time. This lovely dining set is by Sallie and the gacha also has these lovely little floral crowns  that fit so cute on your avatars head. It makes you feel like a beautiful flower girl sans the bugs that may fall out of real picked flowers. There also isn’t the threat of any bees chasing you.

The rest of the room has been decorated with items from MudHoney’s gacha. The pile of books, notepads, keyes, earphones. All these little touches that can really add that bit of realism to your virtual home. I liked the nautical pieces I thought it added a certain something. They are by Eudora and also available to play for at The Arcade.

Just outside you can see the gorgeous patterns of the canopy roof on one of the lovely boats by Trompe Loeil. The material is a thing of joy to see and I couldn’t resist sticking it just outside the window. I hope the breeze won’t set it down the water because it wasn’t tied up. Oops.




Items from Sallie‘s BRUNCH IN GREEN gacha @THE ARCADE

Table: 1. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Dining Table (light) 18li

Place setting 1: 4. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Tree Bark Slice w/ Plates (white) 3li

Place setting 2: 3. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Tree Bark Slice w/ Plates (pink) 3li

Place setting 3: 5. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Tree Bark Slice w/ Plates (red) 3li

Flute glasses: 6. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Glass w/ Green 1li each

Chairs: 1. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Dining Chair (light) 2li each

Chair (dark): 2. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Dining Chair (dark) 2li

Bouquet of flowers on chair: 7. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Bouquet (pink) 6li



Items from MudHoney‘s FINLEY ENTRY gacha @THE ARCADE

Bookstack on chair: MudHoney Finley Books 1li

Earphones: MudHoney Finley Headphones 1li

Notepad and pen: MudHoney Finley Notepad 1li

Phone: MudHoney Finley Phone 1li

Keys: MudHoney Finley Keys 1 1li

Letters: MudHoney Finley Mail 1li

-on cabinet in the back

Candle stick: MudHoney Finley Candle 2 2li

MudHoney Finley Plant 2li

Lamp: MudHoney Finley Lamp 1li



Items from Eudora‘s NAUTIC RANDOM STUFF gacha @THE ARCADE

Wheel: Eudora3D Rudder Wheel RARE 3li

Paddles on wall: Eudora3D WallPaddels 1li

Shelf: Eudora3D Shelf 1li

Telescope: Eudora3D SpyGlass B 1li

Binoculars: Eudora3D Binoculars B 1li



Items from Apple May‘s Blissful gacha @THE ARCADE

Fruit platter: Blissful Fruit Tray – Gold 9li

Pitcher on top of cabinet: Blissful Empty Old Pitcher – Copper 2li


Items from Trompe Loeil’s Camp Canoe gacha @THE ARCADE

Outside window canopy: Trompe Loeil – Camp Canoe Summer Breeze M/C



Supporting Cast


Cabinet: West Village Odessa Mid-Height Bookcase – Wood 2li (2 used side by side)

Sofa: West Village Grace Tufted Sofa – Cream, PG 10li

Build: Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine 39li



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