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Today’s credit only post is a Home and Decor one featuring items from Ionic, Spell and a lovely supporting cast. If you are anything like me, you don’t stay in your virtual home long enough to worry about things like being able to move around. I’m either on a platform building or I’m off out in the virtual world shopping or exploring. This is why it is titled ‘Artist’s Clutter. The idea was to decorate a living room for a creative soul that likes to be surrounded by the comfort of their own perfectly constructed clutter. Don’t move anything…it’s not mess, everything is exactly where it ought to be.


Items featured are from Ionic & Spell. The following list of credits for Ionic are items from the following gachas; Where? & Spirit. For Spell it is from the May gacha.


Sofaionic – where is my sofa? (white) 6Li

Hanging moon display: ionic  – Hanging Moon Phases [silver] 2li

Canvas and stand:  ionic – painter’s easel 5Li

Artists tableionic – Painter’s little table 7Li

Cluster of wall postersionic – Little red Alien [poster] 4Li

origamiSpell – Origami Curtain (Pale Pink) 3Li


supporting cast

Pictures (Toiz. – (2) i’m pink frame 1Li (gacha) – Bee Designs – Funny Pet Posters 11 1Li (gacha) – :HAIKEI: – Picture frame [ K9 Birthday ] 1Li)

Net curtain: Knick Knack – lace curtain 1 – Straight 1Li

Triple plant divider: Dust Bunny – ivy room divider 11Li

Wardrobe: Dust Bunny – olivia armoire . grey 8Li

Pile of books: Nutmeg – Pile of Vinage books Group Gift 3Li

Bag on sofaNutmeg – Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue 3Li

Floor pillows: Dust Bunny – darling sectional cushion . white . pg 2Li

Draped cloth: Dust Bunny – darling sectional cushion . blanket 1Li

carpet/rug[ kunst ] – Boho carpet #7 1Li (gacha)

open suitcaseDust Bunny – woodland dreams . rosey suitcase 3Li

side tableDust Bunny – blanket storage table 2Li

plant on table: Dust Bunny – olive branch heart 2Li

Bowl of flower soupMIWAS – Flower Hot pot #Green

Vase on pink chair: Dust Bunny – white rose vase 1Li

Pink chair: Dust Bunny – velvet shell back chair . pink 4Li

Box of Roses (on ground)Apple Fall – Roses Box (Pink) 1Li


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