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Today I’m showing off more items from the arcade. It’s a helfty post and picture heavy so here is your early warning. As there are a lot of credits to get through I am making it a credit only post. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed setting it up. I knew it would be a big  job when I kept adding more things but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. In total it took two days from start to finish so please have a look, it’s got items from Collabor88 and The arcade and there is even an item from SoKawaiiSundays. Can you spot it?. I will leave you here but I truely hope your Sunday is amazing as it can be. Enjoy! there’s a cute present shot for you at the end for finishing the list ♡


Items on concrete console table in foreground…
Console table: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Concrete Console 1li {@Mainstore}
Moon light: [Lagom] Moonlights [ Blue ] 2li {@Mainstore} coming to So Kawaii Sundays on 20/09/2020 for 65l$ 24hrs only
Gold lined bowl: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Bowl 1li {@Mainstore}
Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Lamp {@Mainstore}

Items from The Arcade
Building: [ChiMia] Artist Atelier Skybox RARE 33li {@The Arcade}
Hanging light: [ChiMia] Artist Atelier Pendant Light [Bronze] 2li {@The Arcade}

Items along wall…
Wood Shelf: [ChiMia] Artist Atelier Shelves 5li {@The Arcade}
Copper pot on wood shelf: [Action] 03 Action Urban Jungle – Terracotta C 2LI {@The Arcade}
Picture frames on top shelf: [22769] Floral Wall Art – Common 2li  {@The Arcade}
Dark Shelves: [MudHoney] Pantry Tall Shelves 2li {@The Arcade}
items on it from top to bottom…
[MudHoney] Pantry Basket Black 1 1li {@The Arcade}
[MudHoney] Pantry Cannister Chocolate 1li {@The Arcade}
[MudHoney] Pantry Basket White 1 1li {@The Arcade}
[MudHoney] Pantry Wine Rack 1li {@The Arcade}
[MudHoney] Pantry Basket White 3 1li {@The Arcade}
[MudHoney] Pantry Juice Bottles 1li {@The Arcade}

Side drawers: [MudHoney] Pantry Drawer Cabinet 1li {@The Arcade}
items on top of drawer cabinet…
[MudHoney] Pantry Basket White 1 1li {@The Arcade}
[MudHoney] Pantry Tin Cannister Tall 1li {@The Arcade}


Items on long table…
Table: [Action] Artist Atelier Table [Green] 1li {@The Arcade}
Computer: [ChiMia] Artist Atelier Computer 1li {@The Arcade}
Monstera: [Action] 12 Action Urban Jungle – Monstera Delic. Standard 1li {@The Arcade}
Monstera pot: [Action] 01 Action Urban Jungle – Terracotta A 4li {@The Arcade}
Paint pots: [Thor] Painting Supplies 5li {@The Arcade}

Plant pot near table leg: [Action] 11 Action Urban Jungle – Pothos Brasil 1li {@The Arcade}
Plant in pot: [Action] 07 Action Urban Jungle – Terracotta G 4li {@The Arcade}
Artist chair: [ChiMia] Artist Atelier Wooden Stool 1li {@The Arcade}
Stacked crates: [Thor] Crates & Paints 3li {@The Arcade}
Stack of canvases under table: [Thor] Stacked Canvas (Ground) 1li {@The Arcade}
Bucket of clay pots: [Action] 15 Action Urban Jungle – Vintage Bucket RARE 5li {@The Arcade}
Camera & tripod: [ChiMia] Artist Atelier Camera 1li {@The Arcade}
Monstera near tripod: [Action] 13 Action Urban Jungle – Monstera Delic. Thai Constellation 1li {@The Arcade}

Items near center table…
Sofa: [22769] Farmhouse Couch – common 10li {@The Arcade}
Puppy on sofa: [HEXtraordinary] Black And Tan Frenchie Wanderer 24li {@The Arcade}
Square table under center table: [22769] Farmhouse Coffeetable – common 1li {@The Arcade}
Sketch and mannequin: [Thor] Human Study 3li {@The Arcade}
Watercolours & brush: [Thor] Watercolors Set 1li {@The Arcade}
Magazine box: [22769] Box of Magazines – common 2li {@The Arcade}

Items from Collabor88…
Bag: [Ariskea] Carefree Round Straw bag [ Abstract ] 14li *wearable/fashion item {@Collabor88}
Bag on sofa: [Reign] Weekender Bag – TAKE ME AWAY 4li *wearable/fashion item {@Collabor88}
Map on wall: [Broken Arrows] Travel Map (Blue) 8li {@Collabor88}
Photo album: [Broken Arrows] Travel Memories 2 – V2 2li {@Collabor88}
Suitcases/hat/books clutter on table: [Disorderly] Expedition / Coffee & Hat 2li {@Collabor88}

Items from mainstores…
Dark bowl on wood shelf: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Bowl 1li {@Mainstore}
Rug: [MudHoney] Talia Rug 8li {@Mainstore}
Picture frame: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Artwork (texture change) 2li {@Mainstore}
Stack of black books: [ keke ] book-s-table . black 1li {@Mainstore}
Center table tall: [ionic] Rural table 4li {@Mainstore}

Puppy says you’re such a good hooman for getting to the end!

*all above listed items have been kindly been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Items on wooden shelf from top to bottom and left to right…
♡ [Mithral] Dwarf Umbrella Tree (Black Pot) 3li
♡ [Mithral] Alocasia Cuprea (Black Pot) 1li
♡ [Mithral] Metal Propagation Set (Gold) 1li
♡ [Apple Fall] Books – Arrangement 3 1li
♡ [dust bunny] hoya plant 2li
♡ [Mithral] Jar Terrarium (Gold) 2li
♡ [Apple Fall] Books – Arrangement 2 1li
♡ [Apple Fall] Books – Arrangement 1 1li
♡ [Myrinne] 05 AMOUR GACHA – books/clock 3li
♡ [West Village] Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot 1li

Hanging Pots on wall: [Mithral] Geo Pipe Hanger (Copper) 8li
Ivy next to picture frame: [Mithral] Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger (Gold) 4li
Hanging plant in white pot: [hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li

Glass jar plant on long table: [West Village] Lily Leaves Spray 1li
Soup and bread platter on console table: [dust bunny] sweetheart lunch . grilled cheese 1li
Nectarine tray: [Apple Fall] Book & Nectarines Tray 1li

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