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It’s going to be difficult explaining to Bear why it is a bad idea to have electronics in the bathroom with free water and bubbles everywhere. It’s going to be even harder to explain when she’s got friends over and they insisit on having bubble bath fun time. It is made a fraction harder still because they all look positively adorable bubbled up. I personally think it might be okay? don’t quote me on it but the lollipop speakers do come covered in a plastic sweetie wrapper. Arguably that makes it the cutest speakers you’ll ever find. You can stand them up, lean them to the side or stick them to the wall.

Or you can copy Bear and stick it in the bathroom for a bubble bath party. Just watch out for the water droplets!

I can’t currently tell anyone not to have water parties bubbles or otherwise because I’m currently using water at an accelerated rate. Yesterday alone I had two showers and 2 sink drenches. Don’t know what I mean by a sink drenching? I just throw water over my face and shoulders and let it run down and then promptly place myself in front of the fan again. The air that felt warm feels suddenly artic when it blows on you. God, it’s good. The heat also explains my absense for what? two days. Two. I just couldn’t you guys. I couldn’t. It’s so extra hot around the computer and I’m sweltering already. Everything in the house is hot and melting. The olive oil is warm without even being heated (unless you count by the house!) I thought that fact was amusing. I’ve just spent most of the time sprawled in front of the fan even though the air feedback is just warm now. Yet to step away from it is to walk back into hell. So you take what little mercy you get.

The nights are worse because I have not had a good nights sleep in the same amount of time and let me tell you, it makes you cranky, unmotivated and tired. If I keep putting off posting because it’s too warm I will never do anything. I keep thinking the next day will be better. I’ll do it then. No, it’s never going to get better in that time. I know because it finally rained yesterday. Thunderstorms and everything. Brilliant right? No.

Because it’s still flamin’ hot and I can see I’m going to be in for another fun day of sunshine misery. Yay…sunshine…*sigh* Can’t it just have half sunshine rather than full blown heatwave? It’s only 8am and I’m already hotter than I was yesterday at this time. I might break my record and have more showers than is probably good for my skin but if it keeps me cool, I’ll take it.



Hair: [C’est La Vie] Aurelie Hair {@Mainstore}

Skin [Glam affair] Sasha {@Mainstore} *previously at last Arcade round

Earrings: [Sweet Thing] Rainbow Love Cutie Earrings {@Mainstore}

Biscuit: [MishMish] Bear Cookie Mouthie / Pink {@Mainstore}

Cat: [Sweet Thing] Cabootie Cat – Shoulder bud {@Mainstore}

Top and Panties: [Sorumin] Your Dreams set (Legacy, Legacy perky, Maitreya) {@Anthem}

Cup: [SEmotion] Libellune Kawaii Latte Cup #10 uncommon {@Mainstore}


Lollipop speaker: [Lagom] Lagom – Lolipop speakers [ Pink ] 2li {@Kawaii Project}

Shower cubicle: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Shower Pink A] Rare 12li {@Mainstore}

Heart shaped mirror: [Lagom] 11. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Mini Mirror ] 4li {@Mainstore}

Long mirror & sink: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Sink Pink A] 8li {@Mainstore}

Bathbombs in box container: [Lagom] 18. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ bathbomb box ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Doughnut shaped bath bombs: [Lagom] 16. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Bathbomb Sakura ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Soap bottle: [Lagom] 21. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Soap Brown ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Stack of bottles: [Lagom] 15. Lagom – Sakura bathroom [ Facemasks ] 1li {@Mainstore}


Bear kin in sink: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Hold me / Latte 1li {@Mainstore}

Starfish: [MishMish] Starfish Pink / Deco (D & C) 1li each {@Mainstore}

Sakura petals: [Half Deer] +Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Medium Group – Pink 2li {@Mainstore}


Foam bubbles: [Lagom] Pool clouds [ Pink ]  {@Mainstore} *These aren’t really foam bubbles, they are the cloud floaties by Lagom sized smaller because they remind me of bubbles but I’m crediting them anyway because you’ll love the large version. It is very pretty and comes with poses. It seems wasteful to use them like this but I do love the feeling of bath foam they give. In a bath…can you imagine. Maybe they will do a bath foam one day *_* See here for previous post with them at normal size.


Supporting Cast

♡ Walls (tempoary): [Onsu] ~ “FRQ” Wainscoting ~ Model. A ~ Narrow 1 Panel *I used them to cover the boring walls. Looks cuter than grey walls.

♡ Hair Ribbon: [Momochuu] Angela – Ribbon – A

Heart shaped hair flick: {Rosier} / Ahoge 05


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